“Pro-government militias in Iraq tried to storm a town near Erbil

– Violent clashes between Pro-government forces and Kurdish Peshmerga militias broke out on Friday near the administrative center of Iraqi Kurdistan city of Erbil, told BasNews, a Kurdish edition.

Pro-government troops, Shiite militias, “al-Hashd al-SHAABI” on Friday morning attempted to storm the town Perge, located near Erbil.

Perde – the last town in the province of Kirkuk on the road to the administrative center of Iraqi Kurdistan, the newspaper notes.

25 September in Iraqi Kurdistan held a referendum on independence in the region. The outcome of the referendum was supported by a non-autonomy, but the predominantly Kurdish oil-rich province of Kirkuk. Authorities ordered to launch a military operation to regain control of Baghdad over the area where the last time was the Kurdish Peshmerga.

Iraqi troops and the formation of “al-Hashd al-SHAABI” 16 Oct attacked and subsequently occupied Kirkuk.

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