Putin has ceased to use the special button

“British billionaire Richard Branson in his book says that the former President Barack Obama was a red button in the oval office. He first used during emergencies, and then to order tea. And our President in the office there’s this button do?”

Ivan Brylov, Sergiev Posad

According to Sergei Yastrzhembsky, press Secretary to the first President of the Russian Federation, on the desktop, Boris Yeltsin, too, was a button, but not red. It was located right under the hand, and he used it to call a Secretary. But usually used the button Yeltsin rarely, preferring to just pick up the phone.

As reported in the press service of the President of the Russian Federation, the office and the Desk of Vladimir Putin remained the same. So that button is there, but you need it no. When the President wants something, he just picks up the phone one of the telephone sets. At reception are constantly on duty secretaries are men, employees of the presidential administration. They already give the order to bring tea or coffee (make it girls special services, in white apron, with a drink they serve in a porcelain dish with the Russian coat of arms).

FSO of Russia the very idea that the President pressed the button, so he can be served tea, considered ridiculous. Indeed, in this case it would be necessary to make several buttons of different colors. For example, black coffee, brown, coffee with milk, green for green tea.


“Why is the movie still used a wooden clapper? It looks comical: a film about some space aliens fully computer generated, in 3D, with special effects. And at the beginning of each take for the camera runs up to the lady with antiquated piece of wood and pop. Is there a more modern replacement?”

Igor Kudryavtsev, student

Says the film Director Vladimir zlatoustovskiy: “the Wooden clapper is not a tribute to tradition or a whim of the filmmakers. It is a necessary part of the process. The firecracker is written with the scene number and take. They are required by the editor. Otherwise it’ll just confuse the 18-th stage, 154. In addition, within each scene I have done a lot of takes. Hits of the street in front of the camera assistant too, not just. The cotton is necessary for synchrony to be clear, when went want the audio and not background noise and conversations. Of course, some points can be removed without the traditional firecrackers. But it is very convenient, and it makes no sense something to replace”.


“I bought in the pharmacy the packaging of expensive medicine. The box is big, 120 tablets a course of three months. But after the purchase, when riding the subway, began to examine the package and found that the shelf life expires in a month. In the evening returned to the pharmacy, but the pharmacist refused to take the drug back. Isn’t that illegal? Do pharmacy workers do not have to warn buyers that the shelf life at the limit?”

Irina Semenova, teacher

Says medical lawyer Vladimir Nikolaev: “the pharmacist one obligation — to sell the consumer good at the time of purchase of the drug. The consumer must examine the packaging before you give money. There are clear rules on how to calculate this term. If the remedy is specified, for example, November of 2017, this means that the drug is valid until October 31. However, the pharmacist to explain anything to the buyer shall not. Moreover, he has no medical education. He has no right to go into the intricacies of the recipe, calculating the dosage and draw conclusions, suitable packing with the same number of pills the patient or not. If a particular pharmacy is this corporate policy or the pharmacist at the moment nothing to do, of course, he can talk with the buyer and tell him about the expiration dates. But this is not a requirement of the law. And if the pharmacist has not given such explanations, it did not break anything. With regard to the refusal to take the drug back, the pharmacist also did everything according to the law. Medicines included in the list of goods not subject to exchange or refund due to the fact that they have not approached the consumer or he just changed his mind. Technically, the drug is sold with a valid expiration date. And the fact that the buyer made a mistake in the calculations and purchased the package you will not have time to drink, it’s exclusively his problem.”

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