“”Rosneft” and the Kurdistan agreed to joint operation of the pipeline in the Autonomous region

Baghdad had earlier called illegal any transactions about the development of oil in Iraq concluded without his participation

The head of “Rosneft” Igor Secinfo: TASS, Peter Kovalev

– “Rosneft” and the Iraqi regional government of Kurdistan announced the launch of a joint infrastructure project for the operation of the oil pipeline in the Kurdish Autonomous region, said the report released on Friday by the Russian company.

The share of “Rosneft” in the project may reach 60%. Another member of the project c share 40% of company KAR Group (the current operator of the pipeline).

“Joining the infrastructure project will contribute to achieving the strategic goals of the company and will improve the efficiency of oil transportation to the final consumer, including the supply of oil from Kurdistan to the refineries of “Rosneft” in Germany,” said chief Executive officer of the company Igor Sechin.

Earlier “Rosneft” has declared about the interest in the development of 5 oil blocks, the construction of the pipeline and optimize the operation of the oil pipeline in Kurdistan. The head of the company Igor Sechin noted that the interest in these projects is purely practical. These statements were made against the background of the referendum on secession from Iraq, which took place on 25 September and was supported by the majority of the Kurdish population.

On Thursday, the Iraqi oil Ministry released a statement which called illegal any transactions to bypass Baghdad.

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