“RT deadlines did not register as an infoagent in USA

The U.S. justice Department may re-take the warning and to initiate civil or criminal proceedings

Head of RT TV channel Margarita Simoniants TASS Mikhail Metzel

– Russian TV channel Russia Today is looking for a way to avoid registering as a foreign agent in the United States, according to CNN.

As stated earlier, the chief editor of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan, the US demanded from the channel of recognition of foreign agent before October 17. According to her, in case this does not happen, in respect of the employees of the channel can be taken serious measures.

According to the posted on public access to documents of the Ministry of justice the RT “not yet registered” as a foreign agent, reports CNN.

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“Our legal team does everything possible for RT to avoid registration in accordance with the us Act on the registration of foreign agents (FARA), the dialogue continues. On their advice we do not discuss further details at the present time”, – quotes CNN the statement by the Director of service of external relations of RT Anna Belkin.

As reported by the American channel experts FARA, “there is no clear trajectory for the future”.

“It is possible that the U.S. justice Department will continue the dialogue and again asked RT to register. Also he may start civil or criminal proceedings,” they suggested, adding that bringing to justice in accordance with FARA “rare”.

In the message of the American TV channel says that “the registration under the FARA did not prohibit news Agency work or published”.

CNN cited as examples of Japanese TV channel NHK, the Chinese newspaper The China Daily, which are registered under FARA and continue its work on the territory of the United States.

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