Sadistic poems fell under the “extremism”

“Ridiculous, ridiculous, foolish, crazy…” the song of the old kinoskazki well-suited to describe the current reality. Including — maybe even especially — the part that is associated with the fight against extremism. Here only the last element in a long chain of epithets present in the original — “magical” — in this case will clearly be unnecessary. Reality is, alas, mostly do not become the story, and Kafka.

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After each new defy logic process, it seems that there is nothing more absurd has to be. But it takes quite some time, and life proves she is far richer than our ideas about it.

A recent example: the investigation into the incitement of hatred towards a social group “atheists” — perhaps the first such in Russia. But the most interesting that a violator of the law, according to investigators, is not some adept Madam Polonskaya, and inveterate clerical. Namely Krasnodar poet Maxim Drozdov. To his misfortune, he posted on social networks a number of poetic tests, parodied the slogans of the part of the religious community, which is called the radical conservative of her wing.

“How can we manage to, the Troll in “Vkontakte” the situation with the mass insult of feelings of believers so-called, disliking the social group “atheists” a regular poem, and to call for hostile action line: “there are no People worse than the vile atheists, we will refund the Inquisition!” — appeals to the mind of the guardians of the law a lawyer Drozdov Aleksey Avanesyan. Is bottom is the bottom…” But calls seem in vain.

“In may this year, a man posted on the social network poem extremist, triumphantly heralded by the press service of the regional division of the TFR. According to the findings of linguistic research, the published text contains the statements that negatively evaluated a certain group of people… that were identified with operational staff of the Moi of Russia on the edge”.

But the decision about excitation of criminal case puts the last dot of the “i”: “Poem Maxim Drozdov contains statements, (…) semantic understanding calling for hostile actions of one group of people (believers in God) against another group of people (not believers in God — atheists)”.

These two poetic works. Another describes, in the words of the author, “a mythical village where is the public outcry burns teacher deny God”: “Blossom in the forest, Scilla, in the distance a bird chirps. On the fire with a faint crackling burns the heretic”. The poet swears and swears that he meant nothing wrong, that “it was trolling, ridiculing the obscurantism”. But as they say in one old joke, “now go and prove that you not a camel”.

By the way, the next stage of the arduous fight against extremism — apparently just checking folklore. Well this is untilled virgin soil! Some so-called sadistic rhymes are worth! “Children in the basement played in the Gestapo: brutally tortured plumber Potapov…” If these immortal verses something different from the poem about the untimely left this world a heretic, only in a more “extremist” side. In addition to the incitement of hatred towards a social group “workers housing” clearly discerned “rehabilitation of Nazism” (article 354.1 criminal code).

Well, then, you see, and to get the classics. For example, Charlie Chaplin with his kinoportal Hitler “the Great dictator” easy lay “public appeals to implementation of aggressive war” (article 354 of the criminal code). And Alexander Pushkin and his republication be held accountable for “Gavriiliada” and “the Tale about priest and his worker Balde” — “public actions expressing clear disrespect for society and committed to insult the religious feelings of believers” (article 148. h.1).

To the Soviet classics, among others, have already got: in the same Krasnodar prosecutors have asked the blogger who posted on your page in the social network, a screenshot of the page of the book Nikolay Nosov “dunno on the moon”. In the segment of lunar law enforcement officers certified as bandits, robbing people protecting the rich. The beginning of the case put the denunciation of a vigilant citizen who saw in the published text of inciting hatred towards a social group “police”…

In short, as said another classic, Kozma Bars — so far, thank God, not caught in anything illegal, “sometimes, hard and overcomes his mind.”

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