Scientists have explained why the elderly should not give place

A group of British scientists led by orthopedic surgeon Scarlett McNally urged to abandon the tradition to give way to public transport for older people. According to researchers, depriving the elderly of physical activity, we only harm their health.

The study was published in the respected scientific journal British Medical Journal. Scientists came to the conclusion that numerous ailments in the elderly are not associated with the age and lack of physical activity.

“We need to encourage activity with aging, not to encourage people to relax,” said a colleague of McNally, Oxford University Professor Muir gray.

The study says that seniors are quite capable with the help of regular exercise “to look younger” for ten years. “And think carefully before giving up your seat on the bus or train to an elderly person. Stand — a great exercise for them,” – experts say.

Scientists also advised the older generation to move more, walk at least ten minutes a day, and climb the stairs instead of the Elevator.

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