Sports Instagram: Kerzhakov has sung on the anniversary of Tiffany’s, Yagudin got a dog

Famous athletes with spectacular victories, medals and cups get another, much more valuable reward – the love and attention of fans. And even when boots are already hung on a nail, don’t clap rostrum and not replenished the Treasury of trophies, life famous people in sports are still of interest to fans, almost more than at the peak of his career.

photo: social networks

The modern answer to this curiosity – page athletes on social media, which they generously share with followers thoughts, feelings, joys and just news. Especially the Instagram and photos to show and tell about them something remarkable.

Noting this week’s birthday of the Olympic champion on volleyball Ekaterina Gamova had time to note the anniversary, not your – the 70th anniversary of the International volleyball Federation (FIVB).

“I’m going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the volleyball Federation in Paris,” – said in English elegant and perfectly looking champion.

A variety week’s top scorer and ex-footballer Petersburg “Zenith” Alexander Kerzhakov. First, the current expert “Match TV” met with a friend – the legendary boxer and Deputy Nikolai Valuev.

My friend nick wondered who else is in here not for “Zenith”?!???????

Publication of Aleksandr Kerzhakov (@a.kerzhakov11) Oct 11 2017 10:42 PDT

Then, a few days, football is made in a new role – the birthday of mother-in-law sang a duet with brother-in-law song-dedication “I love you” from the repertoire of Alexander Serov.

Instead of Serov on the anniversary of mother in law?

Publication of Aleksandr Kerzhakov (@a.kerzhakov11) Oct 17 2017 11:46 PDT

Intrigued subscribers skater Alexei Yagudin. “We have a new baby, another girl in the family,” – said the Olympic champion. It was this phrase and continued, “Well, now to run and hide shoes.”

We have a new baby, another girl in our family! ?? ♂app well, now to run and hide ? ? ??? #abakaliki #Beagle #family

Publication of Alexei Yagudin (@alexei.yagudin) Oct 17 2017 at 9:37 am PDT

It turns out that the athlete got a dog. Now living his Yorkshire Terrier will make the company Beagle puppy. By the way, this is a very playful breed of dog.

My best and favourite girls ✨? ❤this@svetlanak27, @svetlana_masterkova #hortensien #Olimpiyskaya#girlfriend

Publication of Svetlana Khorkina (@khorkinasvetlana) Oct 15 2017 12:45 PDT

Don’t stop for a minute and legendary gymnast Svetlana Khorkina. I think she just fished, and already spends time in the company of a runner Svetlana Masterkova and tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova is involved in recording TV shows and counts down the 500 days before the start of the Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

500 days before the start of our Winter Universiade! Russia ?? forward ??✨#Hopkinsville #Olimpiyskaya #универсиада2019 #ambassadors #красноярск2017

Publication of Svetlana Khorkina (@khorkinasvetlana) Oct 18 2017 11:54 PDT

However, for a true athlete every day can be a new competition, the result of which will remain and will remain at the photos in social networks.

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