Spring against pedophiles: the Duma is preparing a life time

Next week a group of state Duma deputies headed by Vice-speaker Irina Spring plans to introduce a comprehensive bill of the Federal law toughening punishment for sexual crimes against minors. In particular it is proposed to introduce life imprisonment for pedophiles for crimes against children up to 12 years, to suspend the Statute of limitations on these crimes and to include the dissemination of pornographic materials among children for serious acts.

“We propose the introduction of life imprisonment for crimes committed against children, i.e. children who are in a helpless position,” explained Spring.

In addition, the authors of the bill propose to introduce an additional qualifying features for which the punishment for such crimes will be increased twice — up to 15 years of imprisonment. Factors aggravating will be considered a crime by a person residing with the child, and the crime of misuse of official position, when the offender works with children. Irina Yarovaya also suggested to relate to serious crimes dissemination of pornographic materials among children in the virtual network, as the Internet is often used by criminals for forcing minors to perform sexual acts

We offer for distribution of pornographic materials to children via the Internet, establishment of responsibility, attribution of this crime to serious, — said Vice-speaker.

Also, the new bill requires the suspension of the Statute of limitations for crimes committed against children. This will ensure the inevitability of punishment for the offender even after the age of the victim.

The developers of the bill stressed that at the moment in the Russian legislation there is no responsibility for concealment of crimes against sexual inviolability of minors. The new law provides for liability for those who knew but did not report a similar act.

In preparation of the bill Irina Yarovaya urged to pay close attention to the training of law students. The Deputy speaker is going to appeal to the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva to return to law schools criminology as a compulsory discipline. According to Spring, with the exception of criminology of the compulsory subjects in part influenced the increase of crimes against sexual inviolability of minors.

In turn, Senator Anton Belyakov urged not to procrastinate and start fighting with pedophiles radical methods through surgical castration. Member of the Federation Council is sure that his method is the best way to protect children from criminals and save the content of pedophiles behind bars.

I will never get tired to give this example: Czech Republic — country of the European Union, which criticizes human rights defenders around the world about miscarriages of justice, considers forced, the chemical and surgical castration. And it’s very simple, less traumatic operation, 15 minute, in the result, the man calmly returned to work in the community, it is 100% safe, he did not commit and never relapse, explained Belyakov.

However, the proposal angered the Spring: the Deputy speaker urged his colleagues not to try to impress the media “some masterpiece delights” and look for smart and informed decisions.

According to Irina Yarovaya, the first half of 2017 in Russia was initiated on 7 thousand criminal cases on the fact of sexual offences against minors. That on 1 thousand more than in the first half of last year. In total, in 2017 the victims of pedophiles become 5 thousand children, the majority of crimes was not a relapse: did people not previously come into the view of militiamen.

Working group on the development of a bill stiffening penalties for pedophiles, began its work in early 2017. Its membership includes members of the Federation Council, representatives of all factions of the state Duma, representatives of the Ministry of interior, General Prosecutor’s office, Investigative Committee, Ministry of justice, Ministry of health and the Commissioner for the rights of the child. A group of experts headed by the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya.

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