Teachers from St. Petersburg have killed the love for the student or loneliness

42-year-old teacher of English of school №546 city of St. Petersburg Stanislav T. was found dead in his rented apartment in Krasnoselsky district. According to some, the teacher was in love with one of his students, 17-year-old Alice.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Friends and acquaintances Stanislav Eduardovich told “MK” about it and expressed their attitude to the causes of the tragedy.

We recall that according to rumors, the teacher fell in love with a senior, and she reciprocated. But her parents were strictly against this novel. Still, it is chosen over girl for 24 years! Under pressure from parents, the girl stopped meeting with her lover, and this led Stanislav Ernestovich in complete despair.

Stanislav Tran was born in the village of Leningrad Krasnodar region. There he married in his younger years, his son was born. After Pyatigorsk state linguistic University, went to work in the school. A few years ago moved to St. Petersburg, he began to teach English at school, we did tutoring. He was respected by both colleagues and students. He was versatile, enthusiastic, very unusual man. Here is what they wrote about him his student Tanya C:

“Once he began to learn to write on the blackboard with his left hand, although right-handed, and explained it so that everyone can become a ambidexterity (man with equally developed brain hemispheres. — Ed.) if you constantly train”.

Death Stanislaus was a complete surprise to me — said “MK” his friend, musician Eugene islyamov. — I learned about it from a mutual friend and called the police. They told me that they found his body in the apartment…

One of the main Hobbies Stanislaus was music.

Self — taught, he achieved great mastery in drumming, says his colleague, musician Anton Osipenko. — He played in various musical ensembles. One of them, “Radioset” that was popular in Krasnodar. Stanislav then, in 2008, was much more professional than the guys in the band and in many ways helped them. Better than he, drummers we had. He had a very high level of play.

From the Krasnodar group “Radioset” he left because of creative differences with the team. Colleagues remember: stated that he had outgrown the music. He wanted something more.

With his wife Stanislav divorced long ago. According to friends, he visited his son, but about his ex-wife did not recall.

— He was cheerful and sociable, but a little strange and very private man, nothing is told about his personal life, about their experiences. We talked a lot with him, he could talk about anything, not just about yourself. I think he was seeing someone, he had some girls, but we didn’t say anything, recalls another friend Stanislaus.

His passion for music he managed to combine with the main work. The schoolgirl of school №546 Tanya says: “Once before Christmas break he gathered half the school at recess in the hall and began to sing English songs, playing the guitar, all of our students have long remembered this event”.

To find a reasonable explanation for the terrible death of a teacher and musician can not be one of his friends.

— We helped with the technical content of a well-known in Saint-Petersburg institution, says his friend Alexander Laneev. Stanislav was always positive. I never saw him sad or upset. He always had a lot of ideas for projects. To say that I’m shocked, it’s nothing to say.”

In St. Petersburg he had many friends, but he never became a citizen. As noted by his colleague Anton Osipenko, returning to Krasnodar, said that he doesn’t really like in the Northern capital. Well, it is hard to live without a rear, and moral support alone in the big city. And his rear he still believed his mother and sister, who lived in Krasnodar…

According to rumors, Stanislav left a note in which he called the senior Alice last love of his life. And secondly the note said sorry mom.

However, the Director of the school, and many disciples denied the Roman teacher and high school girls. According to Tanya Z. this simply could not be: “Alice I know, not believe rumors. I marvel at people that can say to dissolve here such disgusting false rumors”.

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