Terrible car accident in Kharkiv: the culprit was arrested

No one noticed how street racing “majors” have become the norm and something ordinary. If Russian history with Mara Baghdasaryan has done without victims, and stritreysera forever lost the rights, its Ukrainian colleague Elena Zaitseva, most likely, go to prison, because her “ride” ended with the deaths of 5 people.

On Friday, the Kiev district court of Kharkov chose the measure of restraint — arrest. Now 20-year-old girl faces up to 10 years in prison.

A terrible accident occurred in the center of Kharkov on October 18 at the intersection of Sumskaya Avenue Mechnikov. On his father’s Lexus she tried to slip a crossroads on red light, exceeding the speed limit. The maneuver Zaitsev terminate failed and crashed at a tangent in the VW, at the wheel which was a 49-year-old businessman Gennady drones. As a result of collision of the Japanese SUV was thrown to the sidewalk, where there were 11 people: five died on the spot, six people are now in hospital in serious condition. Among the victims was a pregnant woman about the fate of her child at the moment nothing is known. Zaitsev and drones passing by the witness, was not injured. The girl was immediately detained, and medical examination found her blood alcohol. However, at Friday’s court hearing, the Prosecutor stated that in the body of the racer was found particles of opiates.

The court Zaitsev was taken under escort and in handcuffs, which is already hinted at to her dysfunctional outcome. Social networks have discussed the appearance of stritreysery she was wearing shoes worth more than thousands of dollars and fashion make-up. The meeting attracted the attention of a large number of ordinary Ukrainians who, according to reports in social networks, ready to Lynch the girl with his bare hands right in the crowded courtroom. The detainee, almost all the meeting cried. She noted that he regretted the incident, but pleaded not guilty. Lawyers tried to sway the court in favor of house arrest, as Zaitseva regularly suffers from headaches due to long-standing injury (hi Mare Baghdasaryan!), so she needs medical help, which she will not be able to provide in jail. Drugs explained and discovered in the blood Zaitseva drugs. According to the defense, to blame for the accident drones, which started the movement for the yellow light. The lawyers demanded a judicial autotechnical examination. But in the end, the bitter tears did not save Zaitsev from arrest.

That Zaitsev — a lover of street racing, said the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko. On his page in the social network, he said that law enforcement officers are currently searching for second rider.

Elena — the girl is not simple. She is the adopted daughter of a famous Ukrainian businessman Vasily Zaitsev, who is Chairman of the Board and the General Director of a private energy company “ukrenergochermet”, and in 2012 even held in the Party of regions, Viktor Yanukovych. It is the state of his father forced prosecutors to demand the arrest, as they feared that the daughter will be able to simply leave the country. Moreover, in a precedent — her half-brother Dmitri Zaitsev had previously served as Deputy Prosecutor of the Cherkassk area, but after the “Euromaidan” was purging and wanted. Elena herself studying on the third course at the Kharkiv national University named Karazin, Department of advertising and public relations. The Dean said that the student, though losing session, but often skipped a couple. However, her classmates have a different opinion about the girl. According to them, it is quite modest, non-confrontational and “majorkey” it is impossible to name.

Immediately after the tragedy, the father Zaitseva tried to whitewash it, saying that she never violated traffic rules. However, to clean water a grief-the parent brought the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Borislav Bereza, laying on his page in the social network, the list of offenses. Last year it was 6 “letters of happiness” with penalties for different offenses, from illegal Parking and red light to nepropusk pedestrians and speeding. Unfortunately, the 7th traffic violation was fatal…

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