Test drive Mitsubishi Pajero Sport new generation

Creating the third generation of the SUV frame, the Japanese are not only focused on the external gloss and patency of the car, which always, however, made their way where others only nervously smoked. They finally remembered about those whom he carries: it is now comfortable and Packed with Goodies SUV!

Photo: courtesy manufacturer

Embrace at the time one of the engineers Mitsubishi: henceforth the terms “oak”, “primitive” and other derivatives from the “tin” — it’s not about Pajero Sport. First, thanks to new deep and soft seats with excellent lateral support fit here better than in some premium Infiniti.

Second, the Japanese paid special attention to noise — damping elements laid everything: the dashboard, floor, doors, wheel arches, engine compartment. You will not believe, but in the salon in a low voice to say under heavy acceleration and even at speeds over 140 km/h.

Moreover, idling the engine inside is not audible at all! And by the way, in the movement of the car is V6 petrol, albeit not very powerful only 209 HP, but porecelain quite sternly. This motor is already familiar to us in the previous Pajero Sport and Outlander XL, only now it is slightly deforsirovan and sharpened by the requirements of Euro‑5. The company he is vosmidiapazonnym “automatic” Aisin, which it would be superfluous to learn to throw the kickdown a couple of gears down.

But back to the salon. Plastic does not become soft, torpedo — except that the “soft-look”, but without a single hint of creaking or crunching. Anyway, for a couple of thousand kilometres on the broken asphalt roads of various degrees of complexity, crickets are not found. But there were leather sofas and the steering wheel — it’s really a gift for lovers of extreme tourism in winter time.

And in “Sport” there are such smart thing as a system to prevent frontal collisions, circular review and assistant in the Parking lot, which will first warn, and then will automatically stop the car if the driver did not notice the obstacles. If necessary, the electronic assistants can be disabled as well as system stabilization. The feelings, however, the car is fully “helmsman” doesn’t trust tries to cut in again, ESP at the first hint of danger.

It is not clear why the guys from the rising sun Country was deprived of the power window auto-opening. Because the precursor glass up-down one touch on all doors, not just driver. But renewed media allows you to bond head unit with the “IPhones” and other “Android”.

Among other innovations worth noting the appearance of the electric “Parking brake”, which is nice, with the standard release mechanism. In other words, you have filled it, overcoming someplace Ford, or broken — remove the Parking brake not working. Only pads now here now not to change — unless of course you are the holder of a special service program and not a master alignment of calipers.

And how do you like the new UI control all-wheel drive? In addition to the signature Super Select system that helps the powertrain to distribute the efforts between the axles and is responsible for the lock panagakou, there is a magic button switch off-road driving. Remember, as Land Rover or Jeep Cherokee? So here you can choose between mud-snow, gravel, sand and stones. All this, of course, cute, but not particularly necessary — the real Jeepers will understand me.

Much nicer that now the car less overhangs (approach angle is 30 degrees, and Congress — 24,2). Rose to 218 mm ground clearance: diving Pajero Sport is possible, not worrying about some dry feet and hydrocare engine — to overcome the height of Ford increased to 200 mm and now it reaches an impressive 700 mm.

During the tests we tried to drown the SUV, and not aby where, and in the Barents sea. It seemed that the water covering the hood, here-here will rush to the salon, and the motor shuts off once and for all. But there it was — “Japanese” continued to drive (or swim?) as if nothing had happened. A real man!

If earlier for Mitsubishi actual phrase was “the worse the road, the better the wheel”, because the way he went, sluggishly reacting to driver commands, now “bagel” became less walking, moderately heavy, and the response is more predictable. No wonder the engineers were working on restoring power settings.

The fruits of their labors noticeable when Parking, the wheel became much “elastic”, and the number of turns from lock-to-lock decreased from 4.3 to 3.8. The pits and ruts so openly and shamelessly rim hand is not a hammer. Merit that is mounted in the steering column damper.

Did the Japanese and with the suspension — SUV hurtling along the earth road at a speed under 150 km/h, and the passengers can safely “push to ground”. I’m serious: “Pajero Sport” was incomparably softer! Moreover, now you do not need to be baptized secretly before the next call in turn rolls left somewhere in a past life. Instead, the car appeared seven airbags, including “airbag” for the knees.

In General, despite the frame design, gives the vehicle outstanding off-road abilities, he is now happy comfortable interior, advanced features and stylish appearance.

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