The decisive ball is snakebite O Sullivan tried to score cheerleader

Crowd favourite Ronnie O’sullivan again aroused the enthusiasm of the fans. During the party the third round of the snooker tournament English Open English was allowed to score the decisive ball to his cheerleader. Rather, try to score. The snooker world after another antics Ronnie was frozen in a gesture of shame. And fans O Sullivan now love it even more, though, and criticized the tournament organizers for their lackadaisical attitude to security.

Ronnie O’sullivan. Photo: worldsnooker

Imagine that Cristiano Ronaldo prepares to score a penalty and suddenly on the field runs a fan, which allows the Portuguese to kick the ball. That, of course, the gate does not fall, but the players only smile. Approximately the same picture was observed by the audience of the snooker tournament English Open when a spectator party Ronnie O’sullivan and Chinese Yun Zhang ran to the table. At this time Ronnie was preparing to score the decisive ball. The woman made two laps around the table, and then O’sullivan handed her a cue.

“And if I get, I get money for it?” asked the cunning girl. But she did not score and missed her shot at fame and earnings. And while the rules of snooker re-kick is not permitted, Ronnie graciously allowed her to break through again, and again she missed. After that, the party ended, and everyone from the table was taken, including the intruder. In the end, the Englishman won 4:1, despite this kind gesture towards the lover of snooker.

Later O’sullivan live on Eurosport said that he was not opposed to girl played instead of him. “At first I didn’t know what to do. But she whispered to me: “I’ve just run!” Okay, I thought, flee. But then I saw that the guys from security are going to use force, and decided that they could just as easily kill! So I saved her,” said Ronnie.

Ronnie O’sullivan gentleman gave place to a lady.

After a few hours the Englishman posted a video of the incident on his Twitter account and joked that it was his new partner for the mixed doubles tournament. Members and fans have supported Ronnie. “Now I love you even more!” “Ronnie, you’re great, never get out of the snooker. You’re the only one who can entertain his fans”, “You’re a real gentleman”, “This is only possible in games in which Ronnie is involved” — in General, fans were delighted. However, many of them wondered why the organizers even allowed this to happen.

“Security staff, the players and the audience quietly watching the intruder tries to score the decisive ball. This is only possible in England. That means education!”

“Ronnie was great, but the security service is fucked up.”

“It is outrageous that this woman was able to get to the table. And this at a time when all around us is chasing the terrorist threat. Shame the security service!”

And someone made a joke about the fact that she was in sneakers. The fact that the day before Ronnie was ready to withdraw from the tournament, as the organizers reprimanded him for access to the table in black shoes, and sports. “I have a sprain, and I am not allowed to play in a comfortable Shoe. Probably have to withdraw from the tournament,” wrote O’sullivan in his Twitter. Then he was allowed to play in the dark sports shoes.

Okay sneakers, there was a time when Ronnie was playing in socks! Just new shoes rubbed his feet, and he decided to just take them off while waiting for their turn to strike.

And O’sullivan could easily put a foot on the edge of the table and ostentatiously to tie the laces. And all this in a conservative snooker!


Vladimir Sinitsyn, the referee in snooker and a famous commentator: “This is a belong to the category of funny, funny things, what we have on Eurosport show under Watts. But for me personally it’s not a fun thought. Questions to the where she looked, why did you react to this crazy only judges? The fact that she’s crazy, it’s obvious to me — a normal person wouldn’t do that. But well, that is quiet and not violent. All I remember after like a maniac stabbed tennis player Monica Seles with a knife… But in snooker you have to be especially careful, here the spectators are very close”.

Watch the video on:
“A fan ran out during a snooker tournament: gave “five,” O ‘Sullivan”


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