“The EU will not interfere in the settlement of the crisis in Catalonia

– European Council President Donald Tusk said Thursday in Brussels that the issue of Catalonia is “a concern,” but it is not being discussed at this summit the EU.

In the world19 Oct 2017Правительство Spain intends to deprive the authority of the government to Catalanitat read more

“Our position is clear: no space for mediation, initiatives or international action by the EU institutions and member countries in resolving the political crisis in Catalonia no,” he said.

“We all have emotions, opinions and assessments, but, formally speaking, space for the intervention of the EU in this issue is not” – said Tusk.

He stressed that he does not expect any serious debates or discussions about what happens in Catalonia, because this question was not included in the agenda of the summit.

Earlier, the head of Generalitat Catalonia Carles Pujdeme once again ignored the request of the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy to answer the question, whether he proclaimed the independence of Catalonia from Spain. In his letter Thursday, he confirmed the suspension of the Declaration of independence, and stated that he intends to declare the independence of Catalonia from Spain, if Madrid refuses to dialogue on this issue. In response, the Spanish government appointed on Saturday a meeting of the Council of Ministers for the application of the 155th article of the Spanish Constitution, which would deprive the government of Catalonia powers.

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