“The European Council adopted a resolution on the development of the digital economy in the EU

– Development of digital economy in the EU and benefit sharing will require a collective solution to the problems associated with the transition to digital technology, and the revision of regulatory systems.

“The European Council is ready to do whatever is necessary to Europe has become the digital” – said in a resolution adopted on Thursday evening at a meeting of the European Council (EU summit).

It is noted that the formation of a single digital EU market in all its elements by the end of 2018 remains “an important challenge”. Despite progress in creating the appropriate regulatory framework, much remains to be done. The EU Council and the European Parliament have until the end of this year to negotiate the bills of geo-blocking and audiovisual media, and by the end of next year – a proposal on the free movement of non-personal data and electronic communications code.

The European Council underlines the importance of introducing adequate rules for the exchange of data flows in trade agreements with third countries without prejudice to EU legislation. As a matter of priority needs to be negotiated between the EU copyright Directive and around about digital content.

Cooperation between the EU requires the creation of appropriate infrastructure of the digital market, in particular, the transition to high-speed communication system 5G in the entire EU by 2020.

The decree of the Council of Europe also refers, better coordination of the EU countries in the field of cyber security and the fight against cybercrime and terrorism on the Internet.

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