The expert about criminal liability for gay propaganda: “Transgender, gays are not pedophiles”

With the initiative to introduce criminal liability for propaganda of homosexuality was made by a senior representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs Sergey Alabin. In his opinion, the existing system of punishments provides for administrative responsibility, is ineffective and needs to be tightened.


Speaking on Thursday, October 19, in the state Duma at the meeting of the working group on the development of a bill stiffening penalties for pedophiles in the state Duma the head of Department on struggle with pedophilia Control the organization of struggle against crimes against the person renowned MIA of Russia Sergey Alabin stated that it was necessary to introduce criminal punishment for propaganda of pedophilia, homosexuality and other non-traditional relations among children.

“If it is to build, for example, to the rank of criminal responsibility, I hope that we will keep our generation should grow focused on pedophilia, non-traditional relationships, and so forth,” – said the representative of the Ministry of interior.

Recall that the law banning the promotion of homosexuality was adopted in 2013. After that, the Cao published an article “Propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors”, the punishment for which envisages a penalty of up to one million rubles. And, as practice shows, this measure works. In particular, 18 Oct Samara court found the local resident guilty of propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations, and ordered to pay a fine in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. As reported by the Samara mass media, the lawsuit began her reposts in social networks news from linking to websites “Youth coalition for sexual and reproductive rights”, on materials of foreign publications on holding in Ireland’s referendum on the legalization of gay marriage and of holding in St.-Petersburg exhibition of Russian LGBT teenagers.

Also on this occasion, expressed the head of the social policy Committee of Soviet Federation Valery Ryazansky. He said in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” that in his opinion, because of the inefficiency of administrative punishment the inevitable tightening. “If MIA goes with this proposal, then the situation is serious, then they justified it by some already statistical data, some examples and facts, so if members find these arguments are serious, of course we will support”, – says the Senator.

He also suggested that if the police can prove the necessity of toughening of punishment for propaganda of homosexuality, this initiative will support both houses of Parliament. According to him, “if the measures of the administrative order, which are a kind of warning, don’t work, it just means that they need to be tightened.”

A different opinion was expressed by the “MK” member of the “Russian LGBT network” Igor Kochetkov. “To declare the need for the introduction of criminal liability for propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations legally illiterate. The noise around this initiative is alarming. But the idea is not new. In 2004 the Deputy Chuev has tried to introduce a similar bill which the Supreme court responded as unconstitutional and impossible, the rule of law. The notion of criminal liability implies a socially dangerous act, and what danger are adults who go into relationships with the same people?” the source said.

In his opinion, transgender, gay or lesbian are irrelevant to pedophilia and the fact that at current rates the number of crimes against inviolability of minors has not declined, says only that the issue is not the measures, and the quality of the work of the responsible agencies.

A different position was voiced by the lawyer Alexander bolomatov. “In this matter I think that you first need to separate notions. Pedophilia is clear — for this offence the punishment should be severe, but during the development of the bill it is necessary to involve specialists: teachers, psychologists, experts on the enforcement of sentences. In part propaganda of nontraditional relationships, in my opinion, should be given more attention to the elaboration of legislative norms,” commented the source.

According to the lawyer, now in the legal world in the trend of decriminalization rather than criminalization. The introduction of criminal responsibility in a free country must be approached intelligently. In addition to attracting professionals to the development of the bill it is necessary to create public debate and the most to discuss the issue at all possible platforms. “You need a deep analysis of statistical data and comprehensive evidence of the ineffectiveness of the existing system of penalties. I believe that without the detailed analysis and dialogue, the society will not support tightening,” – concluded Alexander bolomatov.

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