“The former Soviet gymnast accused colleague in the national team to rape

According to Tatiana gutsu, she was the victim of violence by six-time Olympic champion Vitaly Shcherbo

Gymnast Tatiana gutsu during the summer Olympic games in Barcelona. A July 1992.Photo: TASS, Valery Zufarov

Is a Soviet and Ukrainian gymnast Tatiana gutsu said that in 1991 he became a victim of violence by the famous Soviet Belarusian gymnast Vitaly Scherbo.

She wrote about this in his Facebook.

According to Gutu, the rape that happened at the tournament in Stuttgart, knew her colleagues on the national team of the USSR, but did nothing.

“Monster, which I found myself in my own prison for years, I know you’ll try to deny everything. But my details are stronger than your words,” wrote the ex-gymnast, who lives and works in the United States and which in 1991 was 15 years old.

Tatiana gutsu is a double Olympic champion, world champion, three-time European champion.

Vitaly Scherbo, who also lives and works in the United States, is one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the Olympics, he has six times won the gold medal of the Olympics, has four times won the world Championships. He has not commented on the allegations of colleagues.

As noted American media, in recent days, many Internet users share their stories about how they were victims of sexual violence and harassment. Actress alyssa Milano was one of the first who suggested to tell these stories under the hashtag #metoo (#I) after the scandal around Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who several Actresses were accused of harassment.

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