The government will penalize for traffic violations according to the testimony of “people’s inspectors”

The government has submitted to the State Duma a bill according to which the imposition of administrative fines can only be imposed based on evidence of “people’s inspectors”: any citizen who installed on your smartphone special application.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

However, they will also have to be registered on the portal of public Services.

Subject to these two conditions, “establishes the possibility of issuing regulations on the appointment of administrative penalties for certain violations of the traffic rules without a Protocol on administrative offense if they commit citizens.”

The authors of the bill explain that now check information of citizens about violations of traffic rules is fraught with many difficulties: “Consideration of these claims entails significant time and resource costs of employees of the state traffic Inspectorate in the process of proving the circumstances of the offense (the call of the person providing the event information of the offence, the establishment of data banks alleged offender, his challenge for the survey, the establishment of additional witnesses, etc.). At the same time employees are limited to a two-month period of accountability”.

The creation and legalization of the institution of “people’s inspectors” will greatly facilitate this process.

We will remind that in Moscow, functioning of the application “public inspector” and “Assistant of Moscow”, which you can use to complain about violators of traffic rules. In October, for the first three days of “National inspector”, after it received 332 complaints.

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