The hyperboloid of engineer Kosyanov

What is the difference between current first-year students from their peers of the past and how to work with them? How to solve the problem of rejuvenation of University personnel and to avoid exorbitant pengurusan? And whether the principle of modern Russia geological professional higher education? About these and other issues and challenges of today’s universities, “MK” told the acting rector of MGRI-rsgpu, and to put it simply, the famous Geological Institute Vadim Kasyanov.


— Vadim Aleksandrovich, I’ll start with a provocative question: why does Russia need exploration University?

— The development of the mineral resources sector is very important for the economies of all major countries. Despite the slight decline of its share in the structure of global GDP, it remains one of the main drivers of global economic growth. Russia inherited from the USSR, the situation itself provided with mineral resources countries in the world. We have a significant share in the world reserves of oil, gas, coal, lead, zinc, cobalt, Nickel, iron and other mineral resources. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, reproduction of mineral resources base of the country has faded into the background, which led to a substantial reduction in previously accumulated search reserve. Fortunately, now both the state and the largest energy companies are increasingly investing in geological studies. It should be added to the water supply, the search of raw materials for agriculture and construction industry, engineering Geology. And you always need specialists who are ready MGRI-rsgpu. So, in a sense, on us rests the whole economy of Russia! We still have very little idea of what is out there in the depths. And who knows, maybe in the future, in the vast depths will be discovered huge deposits of gold or other highly necessary to the economy of minerals…

The olivine belt, as in “the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin”? But there is this belt collapsed the entire economy!

— This issue, among other things, studying the whole direction in the system of economic Sciences — economy of subsoil. In our University, by the way, also train specialists in this direction in the Department of Economics of the mineral complex. It should be understood that the current internal and external strategic challenges make high demands on the effectiveness of the mineral complex. We need as soon as possible, on the one hand, to restore the industrial, scientific and personnel potential of domestic Geology and exploration, to overcome existing negative trends. On the other hand — to ensure the introduction of innovative technologies of extraction and deep processing of mineral resources through the mineral resources sector to stimulate the development of related industries. We’re already doing, creating, for example, on the basis of University engineering center, aimed at the rational and ecologically safe development of complex technogenic mineral formations. But, of course, you need to be prepared for possible structural changes in the sectors of economy related to innovation. Just recently, the government drew attention to the potential of rare earth metals. For example, rhenium. It is an essential element for the production of rocket engines. He is worth more than platinum and is very beautiful. Start it after some time widely used by jewellers and the industry can happen coup. So we can say, play the role of engine of innovation!

— That is, Geology is everything?

— That’s it! No wonder we have studied and is now studying so much creative people, capable of self-development, to perceive, to analyze! As the Chinese say, the man can take everything — wealth, health, life. Only knowledge will not take! To give them is the task of the higher school, including MGRI-rsgpu.

— Does it differ from its predecessors freshmen MGRI-2017?

— Very strong! They are independent, have their own opinion, more pragmatic than the students of the Soviet era, something materialistic. But it’s not because they are bad! Just country was another: their rules dictated by the market. The guys are good — willing, say, to go to orphanages. Just they need to engage, educate! And we do it. Including in extracurricular clubs and sports clubs, which in MGRI, fortunately, many. If we succeed, they will become a good and demanded specialists.

— Well trained they are in high school, and received diplomas and went to work on our own, and in the foreign country. It often happens with graduates MGRI?

— Earlier really left, because the financial component of our profession has not been canceled. But now remain, since there is problems with employment. The market is experiencing an acute shortage of specialists geological profile: the average generation was beating with it in 1990-e years and older — deep pensioners. And mining companies realized that in order to get quality footage, you should invest in education! The best students employers are now caught even the 3rd course! And it changed motivation: why to go somewhere when all you can achieve at home? In addition, now we can win the grant for the creation of his laboratory. We, for example, on such grant created the already mentioned engineering center. And its chief technologist for nearly 30 years.

The University not only students but also teachers. And it is now fashionable optimization hits the hardest. How do you solve these questions?

— I will not say that the beats — the main problem is that contingent really hurt the elderly! In the early 2000 years to teach at universities specific profile such as ours were reluctant. And now, the departments mostly employ people deep old age. You need rejuvenation! You know, universities are often proud that they have solid professors, and “qualification” up to 90% of the teaching staff. But it’s all from evil, because in practice means one thing: age team! In fact, the notorious “degrees” takes the University! It is necessary to apply measures to stimulate the inflow of young people into the Department.

— Like what?

— There should be a range of measures. We are, for example, at the last meeting of the academic Council decided to pay monthly to young teachers. In addition, it is necessary to introduce a comprehensive system of monitoring the quality of teaching, to assessment, to encourage the retraining of teaching staff, to make sure that our teaching staff meet the modern requirements, were active in their profession. The increase of salaries in accordance with the may decrees of the President of Russia calculated only on demand of the specialist who matches all the criteria of scientific and educational activities, including regular refresher training. This is necessary because otherwise the students lose interest in school and begin to skip classes, and we as a University can keep up with the requirements of the mineral-raw materials complex of the country to the human resources and research services of higher education.

Teachers fear that to 200% of salaries in the region since the beginning of the next year — and for Moscow, for a moment, it is more than 150 thousand rubles. per month — still unreal. But the massive reduction in excessive growth of prednagruzki in connection with the may decrees they get…

— Of course, universities are hard to get now 150% of salaries by region, and by the end of the year 180%. The government will encourage universities to search for off-budget forms of financing, for example, by providing additional scientific and educational services. We are trying to develop. For example, through the centers of additional education and retraining in addition to the basic load to provide teachers extra paid work. In addition, professors and associate professors must engage in research work. And grants are also Supplement. The development of such a comprehensive system of pedagogical and research activities — the purpose of our work. I believe that, if you build such a system, it will work on the implementation of the may decrees of the President of Russia and without overloading the system. Although there is work to do! The road ahead is long, but I am sure that our University is on the verge of recovery!

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