The power of the truth: the Russians chose Danila Bagrov national superhero

The main character is still not lose its relevance and dismantled for quotes of the film by Alexei Balabanov “Brother” Thursday, October 19, won Russia’s first online vote for the title of national hero. Danila Bagrov, who owns phrases like “strength in truth” or “Russian war don’t throw” was the closest to the people.

Frame from the movie.

Thursday, October 19, the exhibition organizers security “INTERPOLITEX” has summed up the results of the open public online voting. The absolute winner, who received 45 percent of votes became Danila Bagrov.

In this character there are many contradictory, but on the other hand, he is a hero of his era, and most likely following some its to much for him the principles of life, – said a member of the organizing Committee Nikolai Maric. – Moreover, it is important to note that Danila Bagrov twice won a landslide victory, proving the presence of impressive support of the Russians: and in the primaries, and in the final vote by a margin of more than 1,5 thousand voices.

Second place, 13 percent of the vote, scored a native Russian hero Ilya Muromets. In third place was the legendary Gleb Zheglov from the Soviet blockbuster “the meeting Place cannot be changed”. For detective the participants of the poll gave 11 percent of the vote.

By the way, it is worth noting that in addition to these heroes, whose names are familiar to all the inhabitants of our country, participated in the voting and the heroes of modern Russia. For example, the contest organizers asked to evaluate the figures of Igor Sokolov – the hero of the recently ended series “C”, Fierce from the movie “the Ninth company”, max Andreeva from the film “Duhless”, Sergey Glukharev their series “Capercaillie”.

Of became legends in the online voting got Stirlitz from “Seventeen moments of spring”.

It is curious that the choice was offered and satirical characters. But in the background Bagrov, zheglova and Stirlitz – Arthur Pirozhkov and Thomas their TV series “Teacher”, seems to have suffered a complete defeat.

– From the beginning, we deliberately went to this social and informative experiment to study a wide public audience and open way to find out who is causing a greater sense of safety and security, the respect and the sympathy of our citizens, – said Marichev. – In a virtual fight involved the characters from different epochs Ilya Muromets and up to the “Teacher”. Our only conditions were two: first, the hero of Russia, and secondly, we are not talking about real people and of fictional characters, or the collective images. The last thing we wanted to deal with politics or some ethical contradictions!

The organizing Committee reported that heroes was nominated to participate in online voting in preliminary discussions with a network audience while also attracting the largest Russian public and creative organizations.

Voting took place in a social network “Vkontakte” in two rounds. The total number of voters exceeded 40,000 people from almost all age groups more than half of Russia’s regions.

The organizers do not exclude that the winner of the competition network Danila Bagrov will become a symbol-a talisman of the exhibition of security facilities “interpolitekh-2018”.

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