The theft of millions of Vladimir Etush: the debtor will return their belongings back-breaking labor

The fate of the “lost” 28 million rubles of the people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Etush trying to find out law enforcement officials. A suspect in the theft of money, the banker says that it is a trivial debt, which he will return in due time.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

95-year-old actor, famous for roles in the films “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, “Caucasian captive”, “12 chairs” and many others, he asked the guards to intervene in a weird situation around his savings. According to Etush, a large sum was transferred to the ex-President of the national Bank of Abkhazia Daur of Bargandzia, who convinced Etush and his wife in their extensive relationships in the banking sector, and in 2013 suggested that it is advantageous to place the money in a Swiss Bank. In the end, the couple decided for a while to part with the savings, which at that time was $ 530 thousand and $ 238 thousand euros. Apparently, the money planned to invest in some company, only to get a profit.

In October of this year, Richter wanted to get the money together with interest, but couldn’t do it. And decided to attract to the situation the guardians of the law. Police have launched an investigation. Opponent Etush said that the money was taken for a fixed term which has not expired. His testimony are tested. By the way, Burgundia did not think to hide from the authorities.

— Daur A. — a very respected man in our community. Professional in the banking sector, a politician, he has authority. The current situation is a mystery to us, — said the head of the Abkhazian Diaspora in Moscow, Beslan Alba.

But it is no wonder that Vladimir Etush was worried. Indeed, in 2015, his wife of nearly half a million tried to cheat a worker repairing their Minsk apartment. A man bought goods at a higher price, moreover, did not fulfill the work in time, and Etush had to move to the country.

By the way, in June of this year, Vladimir Etush was seriously injured by a blow from a door to the dental clinic. And very long restored health.

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