The traffic police will be more polite: the new traffic regulations came into force

Regulating the activity of traffic police of new administrative regulations came into force on Friday, October 20. The document obliges the inspectors to polite conversation with the driver.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Friday in Russia begins to act a new administrative regulations of the traffic police.

After the entry into force of the document, the Russian motorists can expect a bit more politeness on the part of the DPS. This point is spelled out in the regulations. The inspector is obliged to avoid statements that could be construed as discrimination on various grounds. However, since that day, the police have every right to check the documents not only the driver but also the passengers of the vehicle.

If the examination shows that the driver is sober, the police are obliged to take him from the lab back to the car.

Surveying employees is permitted if there are no other restrictions regulated by other legislative acts.

Before sending inspectors to work on highway management divisions of traffic police will determine the location based on the analysis of accidents specific areas. As according to the regulations a police patrol car should be highly visible to road users, the police will not be able to arrange the “ambush” on the road.

From Friday to the inspector it is safe to show a printed copy of the electronic insurance policy. It is as valid as traditional paper.

According to the entered into force document, the traffic police will not confiscate the driver’s license on the spot traffic violations. The culprit of road accident will receive three days to personally hand over their rights in the traffic police Department.

The full text of the document published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

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