Traffic safety GU MVD of the Russian Federation responded to the criticism of the “MK” of the Administrative regulations

The extreme bewilderment of the expert community called some passages of the new Administrative regulations on reception of examinations on the law, what “MK”, “Avtosklad” told in the article “Back in the pocket of the Gai officer”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Questions, in particular, appeared to spelled out in the document rules of providing public services obtain a driver’s license deaf and blind people that it is even theoretically impossible to imagine. Has caused confusion and is no reasoned request of the traffic police to the examinee, as a check on the car in the box in reverse with the first and only attempt. Confused and incredibly short time interval fixed by the office for motorcyclists when passing high-speed maneuvering. And “little things” was surprised by the interpretation by the authors of the rules, the concept of rollover of the vehicle contrary to traffic regulations, and discrepancies in the schemes of practical exercises that may put into question the “legitimacy” of the exam.

Traffic safety GU MVD of Russia fairly quickly reacted to the publication by providing the wording of their official comments. Can’t say that they have dispelled our doubts about the correctness of the above-listed regulations, however, not engaging with the Agency in further controversy, offered to the reader to evaluate the reasons that the traffic police was guided by a working paper.

So, explaining the innovations associated with slepochnye, head of Department of organization of the examination activities of traffic safety GU MVD of the Russian Federation Nikolay Gilyaks sure to translate into accessible language the provisions related to the obtaining, necessary as it means the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, ratified and our country. After all, you never know the reasons why persons with disabilities can go to the examination division of traffic police, having come, should feel comfortable.

About the ability of the examinee to call the garage on the first attempt the Agency has expressed in the sense that it is simple and every graduate of a driving school should be able to execute it. However, according to him, this paragraph of the regulations may still be an occasion to discuss the results of its application.

As for the time interval for high-speed maneuvering of motorcyclists, everything is easier. The basis of the provisions were taken by the German experience. Local candidates bikers perform the proposed discipline for 25 seconds, overcoming the allotted time of 90 meters. But our “drivers” traffic police went to meet, increasing the time interval to 35 seconds and reducing travel distances up to 80 meters. By the way, the error associated with rollover of the vehicle, only applies to exercises that are performed for operators of motorcycles and mopeds. For example, during exercise, when a citizen leads the dismounted bike “the bridle” to the Parking spot and drops it.

Well, with regard to incorrect schemes: according to Mr. Gjakova, it is only one of the developers admitted a technical error that will soon be fixed.

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