“Trump called the deal ex-US administration for the sale of Uranium One’s “the real news about Russia”

In his opinion, thanks to the actions of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – the US President Donald trump on Thursday at the meeting with the Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosello said that the attention of the public in the context of relations between the US and Russia should involve the subject of the sale of Uranium One concluded with Russia during the administration of former President Barack Obama.

“That’s your real news about Russia”, – said the President, answering a question of journalists.

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Trump called this issue “one of the most important stories of the decade”, which should be of interest to the media. He stressed that such a topic is not the alleged “collusion” between his campaign staff and the Russian authorities, who said trump was not. “It’s a lie. Your real story is about the Russia – uranium, and they (Russia – Interfax) received the uranium – a significant amount that we have,” – said the President.

“The problem is that mainstream media do not want to cover this story because it touches the people they (the media – if) protect. Therefore, they do not like to cover the story. But significant the story is uranium, and Russia received 20% of our uranium,” he said. The President called “disgraceful” and “sad” attitude of the press to this topic.

On Thursday, trump also raised the issue of sale of Uranium One in his Twitter account, accusing not only Obama but also Hillary Clinton.

Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help Obama and Administration knowledge, is the biggest Fake story that the Media doesn’t want to follow!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 19, 2017

Earlier, the American newspaper the Hill published a report in which it was reported that the FBI in 2009 had information confirming the fact of violations at the conclusion of the transaction the result of which Russia gained control of 20% of uranium production in the United States.

The publication notes that the American administration, headed by the former US President Obama approved the deal in 2010, despite data to the FBI. The opponent of the current President of the United States trump in the presidential election in 2016, Hillary Clinton was among those who took the decision on this deal.

On the eve of the US presidential elections in 2016, U.S. media frequently discussed the history of the purchase of Uranium One and the role in it of former Secretary of state Clinton. In particular, the American newspaper reported that the Clinton Foundation received money from representatives of Uranium One, as well as from Russian companies involved in the transaction for its sale that, according to the press, could affect the decision of Clinton in the settlement of transactions.

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