“Tusk called an exaggeration an opinion on the stalled negotiations on Brexit

– European Council President Donald Tusk said Friday that the views that the Brexit negotiations have stalled, exaggerated.

“After the speech of the Prime Minister of Velikobritanii Theresa may last night and our Brexit negotiations on this morning, I am convinced that the view that the EU and Britain have stalled – exaggerated, and even if progress is insufficient, it does not mean that there is no progress at all,” said Tusk during a press conference.

“I hope that we can move on to the second phase of our negotiations in December,” he said.

He also noted that during the meetings with Mae on Friday he hoped to restore confidence between the two sides.

“What was important to me and to Theresa may yesterday, and today is the return of that atmosphere of trust and goodwill, and I think we did it,” he added.

Earlier Tusk said that the EU leaders endorsed the preparations for the second phase of negotiations on Brexit inside EU countries.

“I think both sides have expressed good will, I guess I’m more optimistic than Michel Barnier,” – said Tusk.

Earlier, the chief negotiator of the EU Brexit Michel Barnier said that the parties have not made sufficient progress to move to the next level of negotiations.

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