TV presenter Ekaterina Mtsituridze told about the harassment Weinstein

The scandalous story about the adventures of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, accused by dozens of women who worked in the film industry, sexual harassment, continues to acquire new details. Victims loving Weinstein talk about his obscene behavior. Not spared the producer of his attention and the Russian representatives of the fair sex.

photo: jmoreliving

Commenting in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter sex scandal involving Harvey Weinstein, head of Roskino, TV presenter Ekaterina Mtsituridze stated that it was also subjected to harassment on his part.

According to the woman, he spent many years trying to persuade her to an informal meeting.

“Weinstein for 10 years convinced me to meet him in private. During the Venice film festival in 2004, he set up a meeting at the hotel, ostensibly to discuss business matters. But he met me in a Bathrobe and asked me to make him a massage,” said the woman, adding that the incident took place in 2004.

During this meeting, Wainstein tried under the false pretext to undress and said that the presenter is “love.” But Ekaterina Mtsituridze admitted that “standing death”. By a happy coincidence, all ended well.

“I “saved” the waiter, who entered the room without knocking. At this point I ran out of the room,” she said.

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