Urgant Ivan and Mitya Khrustalev: harlequin and Pierrot of our TV

I’ve always liked this man. I like the way he speaks, reacts, tells. Even comes out to greet the guests. Or just looks at his partner. Meet the actor of the second plan Mitya Khrustalev.

A frame from the video

It is, of course, of the KVN. It is, of course, Mitya, and don’t call him Dima, Dmitry. Mitya is now so fashionable!

I’m crazy about his dignity (in a good way). Because this man does everything with dignity. Over him as if bullied — he is suffering; laughing at him — if he misses on deaf ears; his Troll as a child, and he though henna.

This clown couple, Ivan Urgant, Mitya Khrustalev, as Pat and Patachon as harlequin and Pierrot. Yes, and thirty-three Bonk. Naturally, Vanya’s hands does not dissolve it, laughing, “fun” of his partner. A classic of the genre really.

About the Urgant said a lot, therefore I’m about the partner. In every gesture Khrustalyov, every second joke, Reprise see this intelligence — mom, do not worry. Don’t know whether it is from grief of mind or happiness, but I’m very happy for him, because he found himself on the First channel.

Maybe it’s love? Well, Yes, love Telekritika to the object of their attention, not to the object of ridicule. Khrustalev what he does in “Evening Urgant”? Two or three replicas (max!), greeting guests, shaking or kissing the handle (depending on the floor coming). That’s all. And here in this microformat to play so much — the sign of a great artist.

So, when I saw Mitya in the lead role of the new program “My mom cooks better!” very happy for him. But most of all for mom, mother People, mother Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan, son-in-law. As she kicked around this son-in-law, as chmorili it was built. And he was only happy, ran on, not knowing where bring, not knowing what. Then there are products for cooking, transfer it cooking. Such mom I saw a lot in Brighton beach, although this lives in Miami still business class.

And Mitya — He was fabulous organic, easy, happy, although again, all of these exercises with Tarzan and vegetables was only his inherent nobility.

I hear already, I say, how low you fell, that you notice?! Just think, Mitya, sing along with the stars, just think, a culinary contest. It is not serious.

Lord, you are so serious… Smile, gentlemen, smile. And rejoice for the artist, who has finally a major role.

Pair skating

The rumors of the death of the channel “Culture” have been greatly exaggerated. They moved to Lane, but ordered to live long. All the best programs were, and my favorite “the Observer” is now already twice (the second time in the repeat in the Prime time). Well, after finally returned, “Studio White” with one of the best interviewers of our TV Daria Zlatopolskaya (again “the best interviewer”… how many of them we have — and do not count? No, one, two and miscalculated), I realized that all the places you can start.

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There is a new program “2 wernick 2”. The form is great, because Vernici beautiful. One, Vadim, more recently, on the same “Culture” made a very stylish program, “Who’s there?” gradually exposing young unknown artists into the light. And there it was stylistically accurate, tactful, absolutely while in the context of what is happening. Well, Igor is another story. Very good tabarovsky artist, although I love him not only for that. When he appears on TV (in any capacity), still waiting when he opens his mouth. No matter what they say, most importantly, to smile. Because his smile in all thirty-three blendmaster tooth is one of the symbols of our beautiful box. And here they were gathered together.

Paired interviews — separate format. Once that we have indulged in “School for scandal” Dunja Smirnova and Tatyana Tolstaya. A very long time in the profession Boris Berman and Ildar Zhandarev. Not want, and will compare.

Brilliant Vernici often asked pretty normal questions, banal. There are no pre-conceived joint combinations, “doexec”, “game wall”. That is, the program is clearly flawed, the form itself can not beat the content. Vernici ask guests to respond, and all the time it seems, something is missing. What? Atmosphere, feeling, ease of communication with deep subtext, i.e. what was in the “School for scandal” is “the night” in full. Still Wernick still learn and learn, “how to do it in Odessa.”

Only one time it worked, when came to visit the Director Konstantin Bogomolov. This man was so interesting and meaningful in itself that took it and pulled the whole program. But it was only the exception that proves the rule. Not enough to bring together two such interesting, talented, unconventional brothers. Need to know how to cook. It is necessary that each man was interesting that you wanted him to discover, perhaps, again. And this requires techniques and tricks. After the interview — a special genre. Especially for two.

Xenia, Teddy bears

Everybody dance! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are waiting for funny presidential campaign.

Ksenia Sobchak sad does not happen.

A frame from the video

Now let’s not about whose project it is. That his nomination it practically eliminates Alexei Navalny, throws it. Power, allowing it to the polls, thus killing two birds with one stone. First, the irreconcilable opposition in shock, it is doomed to more conflict, and himself the noble “battle” to the Bulk She already confirmed it. Second, Sobchak, embedding the system, puts an end to antihistamnes. Because now the Bulk must either accept the new game rules and to encourage their offspring to vote for Xenia (which is for him the Supreme humiliation!), or to continue to engage in the unauthorized shares, which in the presence of approved television Susie will look marginal and childish.

Sobchak — ideal candidate for those who invented it, no doubt about it. But in our life (especially in politics!) all play all. Why Ksenia Sobchak and she can mix genres, and of the farcical comedic actress becoming a heroine. Does it have data?

Remember how during his tenure as socialites and leading “House-2” it came to battle Vladimir Solovyov against some of Moscow (Luzhkov) official. And “made” this officer with only one goal, no chance. And then left the glamorous TV on Sakharov Avenue (“I have something to lose”) and turned into a smart, knowing a lot and doing great interviews leading. Serious leading, I must say.

But who knows! Well, the Moscow party, well, of St. Petersburg, well, the Internet. And for the rest the great of Russia, Sobchak continues to “blonde in chocolate”, not more. And here comes the chance to enter the national arena and talk to the electorate in a human voice.

I believe she will succeed. Well, not catch it, of course, so at least get warm! And warm us — IQ and wit.

Another TV memory: in the program “Girls,” she drop completely unprepared for the punch of the same Solovyov. And yet… Now I have much laugh. Well, I do not mind. In the “Culture” repeat the old Soviet program, editions. And recently we got back in 1987. Then came Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher and met with three Soviet journalists-propagandists. I remember how a then, seeing this spectacle, the people said, “How cool is this iron lady them “done”!” And so I looked again, thirty years later, such a heartbreaking sight and thought… Yes, about her, about our Xenia. No, of course she’s not Thatcher (you are already laughing!), but…

Friends, wait for the debates, wait and ye shall find. I hope the whole country will see what Xenia cheerful and resourceful. The WHC continues!

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