Wife of the police regiment complained of hellish conditions of their husbands

The wives of the employees of the 2nd operational regiment of police of the Moi of Russia in Moscow has filed a complaint with the interior Ministry for failure to comply with conditions of labour – according to them, husbands-the police are mired in the clock work which families under the threat of disintegration. The statement is signed by more than 50 women assigned to review.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, the couple contend that heads of families are attracted to the performance of official duties over the established norms.

Note, by the rules of the schedule of work in the division is two days work for 12 hours, then two days off. But he, according to wives, not respected — police recruits and their “legitimate” weekend, and with a larger duration of the working day. Sometimes it happens that in these days employees are forced to take the test or attend the class.

“Often the working time is 17 hours and more, up to six working days a week. Often it turns out that after working from 4am to 12 at night (sometimes till 2am), a man forced to get up at 5 am and go to work. Even if he is unwell, then the hospital will not give, because there is no reason, and it doesn’t bother a single person guiding positions,” the complaint States.

The appeal was signed by more than 50 wives of police officers. They submitted the application to the interior Ministry, currently in the unit there is a check, which should either confirm or refute the complaint.

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