Will tougher penalties to deal with phone terrorists

Amendments to the legislation toughening penalties for false reports about the threat of explosions was prepared by the deputies of the state Duma. If they accept, the telephone terrorists will face up to 10 years of imprisonment instead of the current maximum five years. However, it is obvious that it is not severity of punishment but its inevitability. But with this in the case of telephone terrorism in Russia, as found with the help of experts of “MK”, a big problem.

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Mass a series of anonymous calls about bombs in the country lasts for a second month. When the wave is just gone, there have been several versions of its origin, up to the most exotic — like scale exercises of the Russian security services or a ransom phone terrorists in exchange for the termination of calls. However, the nature and number of calls soon made version of the anti-terrorist doctrines untenable. Looks more real then a planned campaign of some external forces to strengthen nervousness in the society, suggested the Vice-President of the International Association of veterans of division of Antiterror “alpha” Alexey Filatov.

“The main goal of these calls — a total destabilization of life in the country. People this is unnerving. And as a consequence the authorities have a problem: emergency mode emergency and special services, increase the load, indirect economic losses, but most importantly, there is a conflict between the government and the population, it is a real cause and problem.”

In favor of the fact that the main aim of the callers is to increase social tension, not intimidation, is the fact that the anonymous messages did not affect the hospitals, the expert added.

“Criminals understand that in the event of evacuation of a hospital can happen real death. Heavy patients can die just from stress. I fully admit that the caller does not want to take responsibility for the deaths of innocent people.”

At the same time the permanent response to these calls and the announcement of mass evacuations can be aimed at weakening the vigilance of the police and security forces, and ordinary citizens, said the General-the major of FSB in the reserve Alexander Mikhailov. This, in turn, is a dangerous symptom against the real terrorist threats. “It’s like the story of the boy who cried “Wolf! Wolf!” People begin to relax, and the law enforcement agencies too. After some time, all these evacuations begin to be perceived as a game that has no framework for precaution”.

Given the massive nature of calls and the use of IP telephony, which provides a high degree of anonymity, our intelligence agencies will be able to respond soon with their agents, rather than through the possibilities of technical intelligence, says Filatov. Also, according to Mikhailov, the law enforcement officers it is important to establish an effective work with the population, and today there is the opposite. “Our law enforcement agencies have brought civil society out of the brackets with the point of view of public safety. But if competently to build work with the public, we will be able to obtain information of a proactive nature.”

As to the wave of anonymous calls in the near future it is unlikely to decline, experts are convinced. But the methods of responding to reports of bombs will change. In particular, the police and security forces will resort to larger objects without evacuation of people, suggested Alexei Filatov.

Another thing, the expert added that no signal even if a lot will point out its falsity, will not remain without verification. Just because nobody is going to take on this responsibility.

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