A black homeless guy ended up in jail for a fight with a drunk marine

In one of the chambers of the Moscow SIZO No. 4 “the Bear” sits a dark-skinned prisoner, who was detained for a fight with a drunken paratrooper airborne Day. Almost anecdotal story, the plot for the movie, devoted to the peculiarities of the “national holiday”.

But in this case there is a caveat: the black guy was an orphan, homeless. These are called “baby Olympics”. After the Olympic games of 1980 in Moscow the hospital not once, not twice tossed newborn little Indians. Random the fruits of love with the members of sport delegations from African countries was not needed nor careless mothers, or society.

Surname-name-patronymic Sergey Nikolaevich Lebedev, our hero was given in the orphanage, the threshold of which it has just born, yet bandaged the umbilical cord, threw the mother in 1981.

For almost twenty years “chocolate Swan” (as he was nicknamed in jest in jail) led a roving, adventurous life in the streets of Moscow. And he not only survived, but retained the human shape. Moreover, this is probably the only homeless person who smells of expensive perfume, and shoes from Armani. About how he led his daily struggle against cold, hunger and the mafia of beggars — in the material “MK”.

Heavy and clumsy life of blacks in Moscow. Photo: SOCIAL networks

2 August 2017, the Day of the airborne troops, Sergey Lebedev not lucky enough to be in the territory of the ENEA. As a result, a colored boy chased a drunken six-foot marine in a vest shouting: “Blacks will soak in the toilet”. He really caught up in… the bathroom of one of the pavilions. Skinny dark citizen, trying to escape from the fists marine, shoved him to the side with a knife-bottle opener (very essential thing for life on the street — and you can open canned food and sausage to cut).

Somehow when a “chocolate Swan” chasing trooper, police did not react. But when the hurt is immediately apparent, twisted and delivered “the offender” to the police station. The paratrooper alive, though, and ended up briefly in hospital, and Lebedev is “excess of necessary self-defense” was charged under a more serious article of the criminal code “Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm”. Even the investigator think this is too harsh, but this was the only way to put Lebedev in jail. Otherwise, tell me to call for questioning someone who has no home and no address? “In jail you would be better, they feed, fly, and now the cold is coming, so that will warm”.

— I want to be free. I lived on the streets better than here right now live — says a dark-skinned prisoner.

In cell No. 717 he doesn’t have his rack, in jail because a large roll, and the prisoners sleep in turns. But really outside in this chilly weather really better?

Lebedev begins his long fascinating story about life in “another dimension”, which would be nice to know everyone. Approaching cold — it’s time to think about the sad fate of the capital’s homeless.

Astrakhan children’s home, where I was by fate, was a scary place — remembers Lebedev. Here you see me on the bridge of the nose scar? The kindergarten teacher hit me on the battery. I was 7 years old. Had I even to the hospital to have stitches. Beat in the orphanage often. But worse was different: in my eyes one man, a teacher raped a girl of Larissa. I then ran away, but I was found and returned. In the orphanage want don’t want to go crazy. And I think some deviances in the end appeared.

— That you want to justify your passion for vagrancy?

Maybe. I started to drink at age 14. The men on the street I was treated. They liked to watch black teen gets drunk. Laughed. And then, when I was wandering, myself have bought alcohol. But I tried to only drink beer.

These bums are trying to make money in the subways. Photo: SOCIAL networks

After the orphanage was given a room in a communal apartment, but to live there was impossible because of the neighbors. I decided to go to Moscow. Thought earn there money for a full apartment. Sat on the train and was gone.

He began his life in the capital from the centre — begging near the metro station “Okhotny Ryad”. It was good — a lot of money was filed. In the day you could have a few thousand money. The police could not catch, because the sight of people in uniform, I blended in with the crowd. Resembled a typical dark-skinned foreigner, of which there are always a lot. I enjoyed it very much too.

And then came to Okhotny Ryad skinheads, Spartak… And has been plaguing not. They flew and beat the crowd. In the end, I moved on Pushkin. There is usually stood at the kiosk.

— Begging, in a sense?

— Well, Yes. The saleswoman stall name was Natasha — the woman is gorgeous. I told her every day to buy her favorite flower — Lily of the huge Royal Dutch. And then the stalls were demolished, and I had to leave Natasha. I was already at the store “Crossroads”. There served little.

Police there did not drive?

— In different ways. But were such that they themselves set for me.

— Can not be!

— They are people too! Feel sorry for me. I’m a real homeless guy and not some gang of beggars.

— By the way, there are all these gangs in Moscow? What you know about them?

— Is. The leader of them a woman. They tried me to tighten it, came and offered to join their ranks. I’m like, “what kind of nonsense? You’re adults, why do you need it?” And they: “Will be “roof”. What is the “roof” in our day? There, most of them have done time in the camps, addicts. As I sat never and did not use drugs. I’m an alcoholic, but not addict. That’s the time in jail, even drinking already graduated. But without alcohol it’s cold outside, and anyway…

— You had to starve?

— Believe it or not. Daily earning enough to correctly and to eat a balanced. In the summer I bought a skewer, a barbecue grill, a pound of fresh meat and fried in a specially designated areas in the parks. Winter tried to eat lagman (the nutrient). Loved the driver’s canteens, which are at terminal stations trolleybuses, buses and trams. There anyone can come in, not only the drivers, and there is a delicious lunch costs 200 rubles. In General, I ate on the outside is better than in jail.

I remember there was a fair in the district of Tver. We went with a friend-Belarusian Gosha (he’s not homeless, but the drug addict smokes grass). The response: “Buy a Burger”. I said, “Well, how do you eat? I — bum, and not eating is. Went to the kebab fry”. It is in any. I bought him five hamburgers and Coca-Cola, and his meat on skewers and “Essentuki-4” in the glass (in the plastic do not drink). I think about how we have a different approach to eating. Next woman took up the tray of stuff for a half thousand rubles (I heard the price) — fat mayonnaise salads, pies, etc. Comes with tray to sit on the summer terrace. And suddenly the wind all the time! — and turned. She’s standing with an empty tray. We laughed so hard with gosh…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Some Africans can’t find work in the capital.

In General, in the life of a homeless little funny. And in the life of a prisoner — even less.

— Yeah, there’s barbecue there.

But the inmates fed me. Share their gear. Even dress me. Got new shoes and a trendy shirt.

By the way, how did you manage to always look good, living on the street? And — sorry — struggling with lice, bedbugs?

— I always cared. A week 2-3 times washed. I have many friends who have apartments. One lives on the street in 1905. And I usually ask: “Sasha, are your parents home today?” He said: “I want to Wash? Come.” I always bring a set — soap, shampoo, lotion, razor. I use expensive perfume “Givenchy”. Buy stock, then such spirits carry on all expensive perfume shops. Connection I have (laughs). Well, clothes I also try to buy brand. On clothes meet.

— And how are you all so dressed-scented-pomaded sleep on the street?

— And sleep. On benches in parks, in doorways. The most difficult thing in the winter. Now almost everywhere intercoms, inside not to go. But I know how to degauss it with tape to the door opened. I went and laid on the night in the stairwell.

— Directly on the floor?

— Yes, cardboard. It is important that the jacket was double-sided, warm. Because on the jacket the homeless never save.

And you do not chase the tenants?

— Chase. But I worked out a schedule. Come and sleep in the stairwell at 2am. And in 5-6 get up, get up and go. So no one notices me. The body was used, time to sleep for those 3-4 hours.

— With the girls in the “free” life met?

— With those bums, I didn’t even talk. I such do not attract. Respectable friends the ladies were, but always stood the main question — where I lead? We must first himself to put his feet.

There was a case loved one… She is a student of musical College. Gentle, beautiful, bright. Not only physically light, but her hair is almost white. Tells me “Come live with me”. I didn’t go.


I can’t afford to sit on someone’s neck, especially his girlfriend. The pride I have.

— Forgive for an immodest question: the intimate life you have never existed?

— Well, why not. In the summer, outdoors. I know such a beautiful romantic place in Moscow! And with the onset of cold weather, I’m on break.

Think I’m homeless, then in jail I’ll be better. But it is not! And that’s not fair. I’m not guilty of anything.

— Why did you go to the OCE on the Day of the paratrooper?

I love this place. Went to visit his friend, who works for the OCE. And this paratrooper saw and chased after me. I ran away, screaming for help, but no one responded. Ran into the pavilion. There in the toilet, closed. And he was the door breaking. He’s healthy, would have killed me, so I did a can opener and hit. Only way to be saved. So I don’t want to die at the hands of a drunken marine?

I wonder: when will you start saving money. Find only reliable person to give money. Gather up a million. Will return to Astrakhan, buy an apartment and start a new life. That’s when the family will be kids. And on the Day of the airborne troops I’m more OCE walking will not. Honestly.

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