A young girl looks like the age of pitt, Jolie due to plastics

Hollywood actor brad pitt has long been looking for a replacement to his ex-wife angelina Jolie — the new darling of the stars was the British actress Ella Purnell. She’s younger than pitt for 32 years and scared like Jolie, only in his 21 looks like Angelina in 42 years. Several cosmetologists and plastic surgeons believe that it is in the procedures that Pernell started to do too early. Saying that she did rhinoplasty, lip and cheek furrows…

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– Striving for excellence young forget that the beauty of their age, – says the doctor-cosmetologist Olga Aleshkina. – They look up to super models making nose, cheekbones, lips, sticking Botox in the eye area, forehead, eyebrows. They hone beauty, bringing her to the standard, and completely lose their individuality.

…Pernell and Jolie familiar. They played together a few years ago in the film “Maleficent”, where Ella played the role played the wife of pitt’s character in his youth. According to some sources, Jolie is furious that her ex-husband falling for someone who resembles a younger version of herself.

Currently, pitt is producing the series “Sweetbitter” (bittersweet), one of the roles in which to play Pernell. They say pitt is so fascinated by the young actress from the very beginning seen as a performer of this role only.

Most Pernell is very flattered by the attention afforded to it by the star. She repeatedly admitted to friends that pitt has always been her favorite actor.

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