“APU officer arrested for distribution of explosives in Odessa region

The military also made explosive devices

Odessa police exposed the soldier, who was engaged in the manufacture and sale of explosive devices, according to the national police of the Odessa region.

“Operatives of the criminal investigation Department in Odessa region in cooperation with the military Prosecutor of the Odessa garrison of the southern region of Ukraine and employees of the 7 office of the military counterintelligence of the Department of counterintelligence of security Service of Ukraine during the implementation of improvised explosive devices arrested 27-year-old engineer one of the military units of the Odessa region”, – stated in the message on page offices in Facebook on Friday evening.

The information States that the captain of the APU carried out production of explosive devices and illegally stored explosives. In particular, in July of the current year militiamen documented the fact of realization of detainees under the control of two structurally changed mobile phones, training and combat of the detonator, for which he has received 2.6 thousand UAH.

27-year-old soldier is detained as article 208 criminal procedure code of Ukraine. Solves a question on excitation of criminal proceedings on signs of part 1 of article 263 (Illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives), part 3 of article 410 (theft, appropriation, extortion servicemen of weapons, battle supplies, explosive or other fighting substances, vehicles, military and special equipment or other military property, as well as taking them through fraud or abuse of official position) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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