“Around the burned-out warehouses near Vinnitsa was found almost 3 thousand explosive objects

– As of Saturday morning at military depots near Kalynivka (Vinnytsia region), open fires burning and the explosions of ammunition are not observed, said the state service for emergency situations.

“As of 7:00 October 21 open fires burning and explosions of ammunition in the warehouse is not observed. For the elimination of consequences of emergency situations attracted 2 fire tanks, 2 engineering machinery obstacle clearing, 1 BATH-2 MO of Ukraine”, – stated in the summary on the Ministry website on Saturday morning.

Consolidated pyrotechnic team of SSES of Ukraine (74 persons and 27 units of those.) cleaning the area from explosive objects in the 2-kilometer zone around the Arsenal. Examined for the presence of explosive devices 28 337 thousand hectares, found and removed 2 887 thousand explosive objects. Since the beginning of the execution of the works executed and received 465 applications from the public to identify explosive objects.

For liquidation of emergency situations involved 765 people and 163 units of equipment, including from gschs – 84 people and 31 units of equipment of national police – 6 people and 3. technology, the Armed forces of Ukraine – 660 people and 124 units of equipment, SBU – 15 people and 5 units of machinery.

On the territory of military units in kalynivskyi district of the Vinnytsia region the evening of September 26 started the fire and the subsequent explosions of ammunition. On the morning of 28 September, the bombings virtually ceased, began the clearance of 5-km zone.

The fire at the ammunition depot, injuring two people. More than 30 thousand inhabitants of the surrounding settlements were evacuated.

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