At the time of hitting Kharkov “Majorca” was under the influence of opiates

In the blood 20-year-old ligocki Elena Zaitseva, who was sitting behind the wheel of a Lexus car at the time of hitting a group of people in Kharkiv, discovered opiates. Earlier it was reported that the cause of the accident with six dead steel street race.

The results of the medical examination during the court hearing, the Prosecutor told Maxim Blokhin. “Examination of arrived just. Blood Zaitseva found traces of opiates,” – said Blokhin, UNIAN reports.

In turn, the lawyer Yulia Trump said that this is absolute nonsense, because the defendant at the time of the accident was “completely sober.” The girl says, I don’t take drugs, and accused the investigation of fraud.

Earlier the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the Lexus driver didn’t even try to brake before the collision, as it raced through the city. “Poor pedestrians were the victims of silly desires young girls to show off” — he wrote in Facebook.

Recall that the accident occurred on the evening of October 18 in the center of Kharkov. The culprit of the accident was 20-year-old Elena Zaitseva, the adopted daughter of the Kharkov businessman Vasily Zaitsev.

Her Lexus blew through a red light, then collided with another car and literally flew to the sidewalk, crushing the people standing there. The victims were six people, five others, including a pregnant woman, were hospitalized with serious injuries. Zaitseva threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

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