Bad historical heredity

In the monuments of Stalin and Ivan the terrible is not terrible — let it stick, they are no worse and no better than the other stuffed — Marx, Engels, Timiryazeva, Gogol… But Russia has a bad historical heredity (it’s very simple: how many women were raped by the terrible sovereign? Its genes are multiplying in generations, the king of recruiting new fans), this can heredity make in coursing through the alleys because pointing monuments — a kind of symbols, milestones, beacons.

photo: Alex geldings

This danger clear: a healthy body and spirit Gogol-standing (at attention, as if ready to report to the people, and even make a helpful nod) moved forward, pushing Gogol-seated, painful, doubting, pondering over the fate of the Motherland deep in the backyard.

The best of Ivan the Terrible (the sculptor Antokolsky) modest stays in the Russian Museum (where it is appropriate to be), but the newfangled formidable DIY race streamed live life to take a seat in the middle of the squares and intersections…

It is encouraging, however, that the starting point of debates on the current state of Affairs and about the future of Russia were the works of art — a monumental, cinematic, theatrical, and, generally, literary. It was on the basis of eternity, not the immediate urgency of debate. Which means: the country returns to consciousness. Not on a shaky patch of political routine says about how to live.

Yes, the starting point of the collision of political passions, long-standing controversies, has become creativity. Without this catalyst turns out to be indispensable for the development of concepts. The debate is (and all is clear) is not about the affair of the king and dancers, and about censorship and freedom, the right of each citizen to privacy, without regard to the hypocrites and bigots, the right to appear before the descendants in non-canonical, navasana form, and that the ballerina has no less claim on frivolous lifestyle than the monarch. Perhaps if she had participated in today’s meetings about the ballet “Nureyev”, the Bolshoi theatre bowed to the formulation of the modernist version, not retrovisori in the style of 50-ies of the last century.

Due to the movie “Matilda”. So much has been written about him that the real footage will certainly be more dim than the scandal excited the imagination about the unreliability of the story. The story of the king and the ballerina will capture less than the novel of the film Director and clense Duma is a real love story, not invented, not cobbled together from the ashes. The combination of the situation however, is symbolic: on the king attempted, he was shot, his boat deliberately stremil on the rocks, and the ballerina in the meantime (while the monarch was in conflict with society, not quite understanding where draws his fate, he finished, we know, sad) were built — brick by brick — the personal wealth and mansions in Russia and abroad. She knew what he was doing, and made of the most thankless circumstances of his planey very practical interest.

You can not visit the Gogol center, and, without contemplation of the classics (on stage and in detail) informed that for its dramatic embodiment to have to steal a lot of money. This knowledge is enough to form an opinion about the development of the cultural process. (If you look at the arrest of the speaker as to the persecution of a person, writing poetry, painting, and all will appear complete.)

Mentioned in the film and grown like mushrooms sculptures plus theatrical characters hyped so much that even now can be nominated for the presidency. Who will compete with them? Who contend with skillfully resuscitated by Stalin? Write about it constantly, persistently, surbase that was immediately reflected in the rating of total and erected a leader in the three most popular of our people are susceptible to propaganda tricks of the country.

Just make a reservation: on the throne unshakable will forever remain as the legally elected President. It is about something else: who will rule us virtual, from time immemorial, — that’s the intrigue of the current situation.

In the presidential race can confidently participate Prince Vladimir and Ivan the terrible, one has already taken place close to the Kremlin, the second it creeps up from the nearby settlements is not an isolated statues, and mass. The mass gives a formidable advantage over Vladimir.

The electoral lists are able to break in unexpected and independents such as Stepan Razin and Emelyan Pugachev, while not representing any party, but is able to lead certain groups of the population: this tandem, even if it be watered with green paint and prosecuted for violating the law on demonstrations is feasible you’ll much noise (louder than the movie – and theatrical scandals), to disentangle rallies-Maidan activity will be long.

Not worth the discounted remaining immortal mummified Lenin: it is still rests in a marble tomb, but, like Prince Vladimir, is just one step away from the coveted Kremlin apartment. On the wings he is the host of followers: the social revolutionaries-terrorists, expropriating bourgeois property, just the villains. If Lenin together with Pugachev and Razin (not to mention Kotovsky, Budenny, Blucher), rustle they’ll be healthy!

Small companions — Kalyaev, Dzerzhinsky, Zasulich — is unlikely to come from the shadow of his great leader, as a follower and ideologist, but nevertheless can make significant changes in the election and the mood of the electorate. It is not excluded, under their influence, arise the idea of the return of the collegial form of government, then all the above mentioned figures will be included in the composition of the new Politburo.

What will be the economic unit of monarchists and non-party? Leadership, no doubt, will capture Stolypin and even in this political season do not miss the chance to establish an uninterrupted production of Stolypin’s neckties and Stolypin wagons.

Thanks to the film “Matilda” was another startling discovery: logopolitans, canonized in the rankings after Prince Vladimir and Alexander Nevsky, will hardly suit us in the role of today’s leader: we don’t want to be led by immoral adulterinum, who failed to save family and miss Russia that disentangle today. Hangman Stolypin, he was bad, and reformer Witte objectionable, and that was the basement of the Ipatiev house. Well at least according to Novospassk data from vysokopatogennogo his affair with the ballerina Kshesinskaya left the offspring! This is now allowed to speak openly — that in itself is a huge achievement. For this reason, from Kshesinskaia, if she will go to the polls, there is an option to become the head of the Federation Council.

Go to Gogol (the Gogol-center). Within its walls ripens mighty team of candidates for the first role: Tyapkin-Lyapkin, Sobakevich, Chichikov, nozdrev, Khlestakov, Manilov, Korobochka… they are All deeply sympathetic to us, because nothing human is alien to them. The electorate may support these bright rooted in the soil, despite their local orientation.

To expect abroad, Herzen will have at least some competition to any of the listed fighters for the throne, is not necessary: the bells now pour the house, and the number of produced Assembly of gracously is consistent with the construction of temples everywhere.

Do not Shine success and Boris Godunov, although he acted as a forerunner of the “law of Dima Yakovlev”.

Would be good for the current presidential race and Yuri Gagarin (also one of the characters long film by Alexei Uchitel), which can be sent into space with the prospect of no return. Let examine a distant planet — for future generations! It is rightfully acquired fame as a galactic pioneer, so has the basis to stand for the stewards of the Universe, and in Russia, and without enough candidates for high office.

Among the undisputed losers, the underdogs and misfits must include occupying the bottom lines of the tops of Lermontov, Mayakovsky, Blok and Tsvetaeva. Curious (and pathetic, though touching) the efforts of the like of renegades to somehow assert themselves. These masters minds have long been written off to the scrap! In the recently celebrated anniversary of Moscow with all the posters on the streets and in the metrovagony under the heading “Capital builds” looked at us Vysotsky, Tsvetaeva, Plisetskaya — those who for life was denied recognition and who either prematurely ended his career, or was forced to leave Russia.

Detractors peck and hesitated Salavat Shcherbakov for his monumental version of the patriot, internationalist Kalashnikov. But this monument is in fact a monument to the friendship of the Peoples, that, by the way, is nowhere in Russia, and it is extremely necessary. Shcherbakov ridiculous accusations. Well is present on the pediment figures of the famous gunsmith German Schmeisser — so in fact we must not forget that we trampled upon the invaders, and they are not us, in this deliberately “German” details see the generosity of the winners and heroes. Because wouldn’t sanded so bright and “talking” symbols.

What Shcherbakov ought to bite — so it is for the Prince of Vladimir, long Myka to Moscow in search of refuge and in the process of wandering, then increasing, then got smaller in size. Here’s how it all turns out to be just cynical, utilitarian: compressed or inflated volume of the beacon in relation to the environment and surroundings.

Peter I copper let him jump near Neva, stands, admiring the fountains, Peterhof, is sitting pensively in the fortress, and trampling the remains of the enemy fleet over the Moscow river. The chances of this giant to break into the current lookout is negligible. Converters are now is not honored. The challenge is to preserve existing and these cans to transmit intact to posterity. Let it be filled. When fresh still happen to enjoy…

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