Began to receive orders for portraits: Ksenia Sobchak draw heel

Portraits of Ksenia Sobchak in the background of the Russian flag will soon appear on store shelves in the same row with pictures of Putin and Medvedev. Artists and printers began to create images of the newly minted presidential candidate, following the trends in modern politics.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

As told “MK” in one of the firms making products with the first persons of the state, while orders for the portrait of the “glamorous” public figure only a few, but soon this type of Souvenirs is expected a surge of interest. For example, in the Moscow printing works planned to expand the range of paintings to order Ksenia Sobchak, adding to those already offered to the buyer of the option photo in the reality show the new images in a more restrained style.

And the artist Irina became famous for his unusual manner of writing, and is planning to apply for a portrait Sobchak new equipment.

— I have already received an order for a picture of Xenia in the form of the man-the President — said the painter. — First I with humor reacted to the idea, but now decided to bring it to life. Usually all the male politicians I paint using your own breast. But for the ladies decided to come up with something different, as before I only wrote the parody images. You know, I treat my body as an instrument for the realization of my paintings in life, so I think to draw Ksenia Sobchak with his heel.

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