Buses will not be allowed on travel routes going to detour railroad

To make bus drivers and taxi to rebuild the routes to bypass railway crossings Rostransnadzor intends. Violators of the new rules the officials want to fine. As it became known “MK” in such a way the Agency wants to prevent a repetition of the terrible accident in the Vladimir region, where due to a train collision with a bus killed 21 people.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As explained by the head of Rostransnadzor Viktor Basargin, transport companies engaged in transportation of passengers may occur in the near future, new duty. They will have to change the routes of movement, if at least in one place the bus will have to cross the railway. And even if the new route has a negative impact on travel time, the carrier will have to live with it. However, officials here make a reservation: to rewrite the routes carriers should only be required in that case, if the radius of five kilometers from the railway crossing there is an alternative road. For violators, the Agency plans to prescribe penalties. Another global innovation will affect the design of new roads. Road the auditors want motorists and trains do not overlap in the same plane. To do this, they will make amendments to the building regulations on the construction of flyovers over the railway crossings. In addition, it is planned to improve the equipment themselves moving. First, they will have the camera for automatic video surveillance. Secondly, if the ways will be stuck machine, intelligent monitoring system will start voice announcement with an appeal urgently to leave the car.

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