Danish area on 21 and 22 October

21 OCT

Sweets day in the United States.

1917 — Petrograd garrison defected to the military-revolutionary Committee.

1937 — the aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev was arrested on charges of sabotage and belonging to a counterrevolutionary organization.

1962 — the company began to use jet aircraft Tu-124.

1967 — in the North of the state of California recorded on videotape a giant snow man.

1997 — established Literary prize of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

22 OCT

The day of financial and economic service of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

The international day of mother-in-law.

1512 — destroyed Pskov Veche.

1702 — the Russian troops led by Peter I stormed the Swedish fortress Noteburg.

1842 in St.-Petersburg jeweller fabergé City opened a store of gold and diamond things.

1962 — the U.S. government announced the establishment of a strict quarantine on all offensive types of weapons carried into Cuba.

1977 — first flight went nuclear icebreaker “Sibir”.

1987 Joseph Brodsky was awarded the Nobel prize for literature.

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