“Experiment with charging fees for online purchases scheduled for may 2018

A new scheme of taxation suggests the possibility for individuals to pay a fee at the time of ordering the goods

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– Experiment, in which FGUP “Mail of Russia” will be the operator for the collection of import duties from foreign online shopping, in automatic mode, can begin in mid-may 2018.

Economy16 October 2017″Mail of Russia” proposed to automatically charge fees from purchasing in Internet magazinecity read more

As stated in the implementation plan of the experiment, which read “Interfax”, until the end of 2017 it is planned to prepare the necessary regulatory framework, in the first quarter of 2018 – to ensure the development of the software for the collection of import duties involving Mail, to mid-April to test the system. During April a new scheme of taxation is planned to coordinate with the Eurasian economic Commission.

“Mail of Russia” will act as an authorised operator, which will produce the collection of duties on imported international mail (IGOS) and transfer it to the Federal customs service (FCS), and FCS to provide data about the sender, recipient, and on the cost and weight of the product.

A new scheme of taxation suggests the possibility for individuals to pay a fee at the time of ordering on the Internet site.

For the experiment, “Mail of Russia” plans in November to conclude an agreement with one of the international marketplaces. Previously, “Kommersant” reported that a pilot partner of “Mail” could be major Chinese online trading platform AliExpress. The representative of the company on Friday did not comment on this information. According to a source close to the Internet company “Mail of Russia” has not yet been addressed in AliExpress with a proposal for a joint experiment. “Mail” is the experience of interaction between IT systems from AliExpress: this year, the company launched a joint tracking system inexpensive purchases made on the online platform.

Launched in early October a joint working group “Mail of Russia” and the Federal customs service is working on procedures for the earning and redemption of customs duties with the MPO, says the document, seen by Interfax. The working group’s proposals will form the basis of the relevant normative-legal acts. At the same time, there will be development of the architecture of interaction of IT systems of participants in the process, one of which will act as the foreign Internet site.

The main risks in the implementation of the experiment, according to “Mail of Russia”, are the lack of a legal framework regulating the collection of duties through an authorised dealer, and the presence of exchange rate difference between the amount payable at the time of purchase from foreign online retailer and the amount of the fee in rubles for the import of MPO on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of the experiment is the simplification of taxation and reduction of costs to administer this process. “The assessment and collection of customs payments should be easy and as simple as possible for the recipient instrument of transfer of customs payments to the budget of the Russian Federation”, – said Deputy General Director of “Mail of Russia” in the mail order business, and Express delivery Sergey Malyshev.

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