Fatal smell of alcohol: why a car was stopped with the dying does Marjanovi

The new circumstances opened in the case of the death of actor Dmitry Marjanov. The circumstances are sad — a great artist on the last day of his life, it seems, fatally unlucky. With doctors and friends, and even with… inspector.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Immediately after the tragedy were spread about the valiant traffic police near Moscow Lobnya escorted to the hospital in a car with a dying actor. And so it is. But history is silent as to what preceded the honorary escort. As found “MK”, there were an unfortunate setback, which in this situation is like death.

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Dmitry Maryanov, as already established, he was recovering in a private medical center in Lobnya, in the street Frunze. It was the evening of October 15. Employees called an Ambulance in 18.47 and 19.07 called and cancelled — said that he will take to the hospital themselves. Maranova planted in a foreign car — apparently, it belongs to someone from employees of the centre. In total, the car was traveling 4 people.

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Lobnenskaya the hospital is located in the street Zarechnoj. From the street Frunze takes 17-20 minutes depending on the route. The hospital had about 8 minutes when the car was stopped by traffic police Lobnya. They were on duty on the street 40 years of October. Police “Lada Priora” traffic cops parked nearby.

— Sunday evening, the driver drives insecure — you understand, there was some suspicion. The car stopped to check, says our well-informed interlocutor.

— I mean, friends are turned to the police for help?

— No. Opening the door, the inspector felt from the car smell alcohol. Of course, maybe it was the smell of fume from yesterday from someone from passengers. Or smelled from Maryanova (according to the telegram-public Mash, the content of alcohol in his blood was 0.32 ppm). But rules are rules. The police asked the driver to undergo a medical examination for alcohol. He refused, explaining that it is impossible to lose even a second, as it carries the dying man to the hospital.

Inspector found in the passenger Maryanova?

— Friends said it honored actor. Called the name. Police is the name of anything did not say. They demanded to purge. Friends Maranova begged to let go, but the inspector was adamant. After 25-30 minutes of negotiations with the traffic police, the driver blew into a tube. Maryanov by this time almost unconscious. Then the cops got in his car and showed the way to the hospital. Near the gate of the medical institution, they were asked to shout to open the gate. To go inside, the police were not left to carry on duty.

Only on the morning of 16 October, opening the news, they went into shock. The inspector informed his boss.

According to our data, the inspectors were Paul Gray and his partner Denis Zolochiv. But the guardians of the roads has taken a strange position — said that they did not work on 15 October.

— Why did you decide that I was on duty, it is the wrong information — Gray was surprised when he called human rights activists.

The inspector obviously disingenuous. According to the arrangement of dresses dorozhno-patrol service of traffic police of Lobnya (a copy is at the disposal of edition), Paul Gray and Denis Zolochevsky served from 9.00 am 15 9.00 am 16 October to October. There is also a write — Gray was responsible for purging the drivers, and Zolochiv in the photographic images of the road environment. That is, the results of test for alcohol and photography in theory, they had to pass after duty in the Department.

Investigators of GSU SK across Moscow region are investigating the criminal case under article “Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties.” In the field of view until only the doctors. Although, in theory, tough questions to ask and the cops.

Says the head of the interregional trade Union of the Moscow police Michael Pashkin:

— To prove the involvement of the inspectors, it is necessary to check the following points to make billing of the phone numbers of inspectors and buddies Maryanova. To request video from the video recording device, which was issued to one of the crew members, examine the data of the GLONASS system (installed on a police car), and travel routes of emergency vehicles in the police system “Flow”. Then all will become clear.

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