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According to news agencies, at the festival of youth and students in Sochi the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said that we have anyone who has a basic education and ability to work, by 2024, will feel more happy than Americans. It’s kind of like is now the main goal of economic development of the country for the next six to seven years.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

I’d like to find in this statement the key words to understand what’s going to happen, according to the report, by the end of the next electoral cycle.

It is unlikely we are talking about hard work, because just a month and a half ago supervisor Shuvalov, Dmitry Medvedev, said that the Russians are working twice as worse than, for example, in the countries of the Organization for economic cooperation and development. Productivity is low in the calculation of gross domestic product per hour time. Given that this indicator (GDP) once upon a time invented by the British for their colonies, in contrast to gross national product these estimates can be read even some resentment (from the OECD).

Americans performance, sure, even higher.

About basic higher education and its relationship with happiness is generally some discrepancy. As recently as August, our VTSIOM published the results of a public opinion poll and found that about 84 percent of Russian citizens consider themselves happy. This is slightly less than historical maximum, since 1990, which in April of this year was 85 percent. The youth of this figure, as expected, because of its optimism, is higher (87 percent), but older is also quite good (78 per cent).

That is not only hard-working people with higher education, but not always trudoustroeny youth, disabled and the elderly, it turns out, I feel in our country quite happily. Well, now we have to reduce these percentages?!

Although happiness is certainly a relative term. If Americans are to be measured in this part, the most meaningful money. The same sociologists and psychologists say that in order to feel happy and confident in the future, the average American is earning six thousand dollars a month. The Russians, according to the experts, ready to settle for the income of 1,5 thousand dollars a month. Maybe our hard-working citizens during this time, the revenues five times increase? Mean? But then you have to run in leaps and bounds and take into account their homespun mile, is seven miles, not American land.

But not only our people, but others measure happiness not in money. Maybe in six years we will be proud of what we have in the course (though under state control) blackany bitcoins. Or the fact that we are active due to the medicine, feeling the harsh responsibility for their own health, as the government increasingly gives us to understand, whose business should be to rescue the drowning. Or, if he wins the presidential election Ksenia Sobchak, that we have the youngest ruler in the world, but still a woman. Such precisely nowhere.

The only question is, how to measure happiness. But the Dragon king of Bhutan by name (or Ukrainian, or Indian accents) wangchuck in 1972 instead of GDP the country has introduced the gross national happiness, and approved methods of calculation.

Don’t know how Ukrainians are now with happiness, and the Indians of the Amazon — full order, absolute performance.

Maybe, after all, our first Vice-the Prime Minister was not referring to North Americans and South Americans. For example, the piraha tribe where people don’t even know how to count to one, live here and now and not make plans for the future. And in the past they do not matter…

Simon Semyonitch


The prose of life

…I think that if a miracle happens and our football team will be the winner in the world Cup in 2018, the West will insist that it is the handiwork of Russian hackers and not the feet of the players.

…I assure you, most likely, disingenuous, claiming that the Americans, Germans and British are the smart cars are going. Or is it just a marketing ploy! Under my window all night frantically screaming the alarm from the car, and she didn’t even know that after seven o’clock till nine in the morning by law in Moscow not allowed to make noise!

…I am always ready to stand up for truth and justice. So I stand a lone.

…Feeding the paper on the delivery of housing for rent and to my horror found that I forgot to specify that sex is not suggested. And because the villains are men, she was annoyed, telling a neighbor, called no one suggested sex.

…”Don’t bother God with requests”, — says with conviction, my mate. I suspect that thereby he wants to use the additional quota for their needs.

Jani Dadiani


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