In Azerbaijan released a video touting sex tourism to Ukraine

Azerbaijani budget airline Buta Airways has released a promotional video that offended the representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora. The fact is that the low-cost airline in this video advertises sex-tourism in Ukraine.

photo: a frame from the video

In the story the main hero of the movie finds out about very cheap airline tickets to Kiev, then do not hesitate going to the airport. With him he takes only walnuts in Azerbaijan is considered as a natural aphrodisiac, writes

Already on Board the aircraft, the crew announces that their plane should be in the capital of Ukraine — men-passengers respond with a standing ovation.

And in the Kiev airport passengers flight two meet attractive Ukrainian women with signs “Zakir” and “Tawfiq”.

It is noted that members of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Azerbaijan has appealed to the Embassy of Ukraine with a request to evaluate the video and comment.


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