“In Congress spoke with took part in the meeting with trump, Jr. Russians

The Committee is “making progress” in the investigation of assigned RF interference in U.S. elections

The son of the President of the United States Donald trump madshifta:epa/vostock-photo

Committee on intelligence of the Senate of the U.S. Congress held talks with several Russians who were present at the meeting in June 2016 in the Trump Tower with the son of the American President Donald trump Jr., told CNN the Chairman of the Committee Senator Richard Burr.

“The Committee questioned some of the Russians who were at that meeting,” he said, without explaining who that was, exactly how many people are talking about.

As reminds TV channel, the meeting was attended by eight people, among them four Russians.

According to Berra, the Committee is “making progress” in the investigation of assigned RF interference in the American presidential election of 2016.

Earlier, American media reported that in June last year, trump Jr. on the eve of elections of the President of the USA met with the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, which allegedly “has ties to the Kremlin” and possessed incriminating information on rival trump in the US presidential election 2016 Hillary Clinton.

This information has caused outrage among opponents of the US President, believing that the meeting could testify to the collusion of the election headquarters trump with Russia. By trump, Jr. then stated that the meeting had not learned anything interesting about Clinton.

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