“International donors will help Georgia in the fight against insect pests

International donor organizations and financial institutions ready to assist Georgia in combating marble bugs (Asian shchitnik), the massive invasion which has created serious problems for the inhabitants of Western Georgia. What can say, this was a conversation on Friday that the meeting of the Minister of agriculture of Georgia Levan Davitashvili representatives accredited in the country, international donor and financial institutions, where he familiarized them with the strategy of combating these pests.

According to the head of the Ministry of agriculture of Georgia strategy against marble bugs in 2018, and covers three main areas. It is an active information campaign to ensure public awareness, a full-scale monitoring on the entire territory of the country and implementation of measures to combat the pest.

“The strategy is based on the experiences of 2017 and envisages a complex of measures with the active participation of the government to minimize the population of the pest and size caused them economic damage,” – said Davitashvili.

The Minister noted that the marble, the bugs are a problem and a serious challenge not only for Georgia, but also in other countries, and their neutralization plays a significant role support from the partner international organizations.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Agency for international development (USAID) and the Department of agriculture (USDA), Agency for development and cooperation of Sweden (SDC), Austria (ADA), the Czech Republic, the International Fund for agriculture development (IFAD) and the world Bank and the European Bank for reconstruction and development, who expressed the willingness to cooperate and support Georgia in this issue.

Earlier it was reported that marble bugs this year practically destroyed in the West Georgia harvests of hazelnuts (hazelnut), as well as corn and orchards has damaged citrus plantations, and has got to Tbilisi.

Despite the efforts of the Ministry of agriculture of Georgia measures, which with the help of special equipment, including aviation, chemical processing was subjected to more than 100 thousand hectares of agricultural land, the spread of populations of the pest failed to stop.

With the onset of cold marble bugs filled the house and cellars of local residents in the West of the country and began to migrate in its Central part, in connection with what experts call on all to join in the struggle with this pest, and trust in the winter.

Experts say that bugs with marble and fighting in Europe and the United States. The specific Protocol control these pests does not exist in any country and completely destroy them is not possible.

Home to marble bug are the countries of South-East Asia, including China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In Georgia, they first appeared in 2015.

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