Kyiv police arrested the criminals who stole a baby from kindergarten

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has pleased compatriots news: in the city (where supplies drinking water to the entire Ukrainian capital city) police arrested two Snatchers 2-month-old baby. With the child, according to Avakov, all right.

The stroller from which the child was stolen

The details of the crime, stirred up the whole Kiev, the interior Minister said. However, during Saturday subordinates Avakov promised to hold a press briefing on this emergency.

The success of police responded to the President of Ukraine. Petro Poroshenko thanked the law enforcement officers who found kidnapped yesterday in Obolon baby. “This is exactly the kind of news you were waiting for all of us and especially the parents of the child”, – wrote Poroshenko on Twitter.

Yesterday it was reported some of the details of the abduction.

A resident of Kiev came to the kindergarten №606 on Obolonskiy prospect to pick from the group of the eldest daughter; a carriage with the baby the man left at the 1st floor under the stairs. After a few minutes, a parent returned; neither a child nor a portable basket in the stroller was not.

On Facebook-page community “Kyiv live” created a video where in the frame a few times there is one of their pohititelnitsa child.

Looks like she and an accomplice knew about the habit of men to leave the stroller with her little daughter under the stairs. Lady a few times associated with mobile unknown, then quickly takes from care portable basket baby.

According to “MK”, the kidnapper 20 years. In July, a young woman lost a baby at 7 months. After that tried several times to adopt, but something went wrong. On this basis there was a “shift in mentality” and a woman born in 1997 decided on a terrible pitch…

On the trail of the kidnappers came thanks to the care of one of Vyshgorod police. Watching the video, shot in one of the city pharmacies, he saw a couple, apparently fit the description of a possible abductor. During the night the cops held a “complex investigative and operational activities” on Saturday around noon, the couple was arrested.

According to article 146 of the Criminal code for child abduction both face a deprivation of liberty for a term up to 10 years.

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