“Mogherini welcomed the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS

– The occupation of the Syrian Raqqa ISIS (banned in Russia organization, Interfax) ended thanks to the joint efforts of the Syrian democratic forces and the global coalition to counter ISIS, said the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini.

“The European Union as a non-military member of the global coalition against ISIS, she said Friday night in his statement – contributed to the defeat of ISIS in Syria and has provided assistance to the affected population as the main donor of humanitarian aid”.

The head of EU diplomacy stressed the need for protection of the population in raqqa and the provision of humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable groups. She called for quick action to stabilize the life in the liberated areas of Syria, economic recovery, inclusive and accountable local administration.

“In addition to this victory, a lasting peace in Syria will be achieved only through national political agreement, signed under UN auspices in Geneva,” – said Federica Mogherini.

The Supreme court has recognized the “Islamic state” (ISIL, ISIS) terrorist organization whose activity is prohibited on the territory of Russia.

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