NASA has sent earthlings to walk on Mars

The American space Agency announced the launch of an online service that offers to take a virtual walk on the surface of Mars.

Photo: the website of the Internet service

Service Access Mars (“access to Mars” – “MK”) offers to take a walk along the route of the Rover Curiosity. Previously, the Rover passed this way and carefully documented every step and all the beauty of the landscape, thereby creating a virtual model of the territory, completely relevant reality.

To compile an interactive 3D map of the surface of the red planet, NASA experts worked with the cartographers Google.

Take a walk through the virtual Mars can be like sitting at a desktop computer and mobile devices. In addition, the service provides the connection points of virtual reality.

Curiosity was launched to Mars on 26 November 2011, less than a year – August 6, 2012 – the lander with the Rover made a soft landing on the planet. Before alien Rover has four main objectives: first, to establish whether there was once life is possible on Mars. Also, the Rover is instructed to obtain information on the Geology and climate of the planet and prepare to land a man.

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