Platform HOQU – new Russian development

Investors have invested more than 700 thousand dollars to the project HOQU. The only platform in the world HOQU for affiliate marketing based on blockchain technology (ICO).


Bloggers, webmasters, site owners, all those who represent advertisers and artists will unite in one service based on the platform of HOQU.

The problems of the advertising market.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important channels of the advertising market, about 20 % of the total share.

The presence of a great many affiliate networks have their own database of web specialists, but merging takes a long time. Advertisers needlessly suffer huge losses on transactions and payment intermediaries. For example, all of the Commission and remuneration amount to the total amount of 23 to 45% of the budget on promotions and campaigns.

One of the founders of the project HOQU is Alex Shmona. He believes that the tools that are on the market, can not solve the problems associated with fraud and fraud via markups and the involvement of false potential customers. They increase the loss of advertising, which a priori would not be efficient. Due to the unfair use of bots to cheat customers, the loss of advertisers was made in 2015 and 6.3 billion$ in 2016 – 7.3 billion$ in 2017 16.4 billion$.

The main advantages of the product HOQU

  • The founders of the project claim such benefits as:
  • Reducing cash losses at each stage of the marketing;
  • The increase in the rate of payment the payment of commissions and incentives through the use of the ICO mechanism. Safety from the schemes of the cyber criminals and unfair partners;
  • The ability to work without its software;
  • The ability without connection to a variety of affiliate networks

The technology is based on the mechanisms of the blockchain, will create the ideal performance marketing, based on transparency, purity and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and therefore the entire advertising budget will be spent on customer acquisition.

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