“Politico learned of the intention of trump not to declassify documents about the murder of Kennedy

With part of the data about the murder of the 35th President of the USA should be cleared marked “confidential” next week

35th US President John F. Kennedy. Archived fotofoto: Zuma/TASS

– U.S. President Donald trump, most likely, will not fully disclose the documents relating to the assassination of John Kennedy, and which soon must be cleared marked “confidential”. This publication reports Politico, citing its sources in the presidential administration of the USA.

Less than a week, according to the decree, signed by George H. W. Bush 25 years ago, needs to be declassified dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of pages of documents from the National archives, which contains information about the investigation into the murder of the 35th President of the United States. However, told Politico on condition of anonymity, a representative of the Congress, trump is trying to influence the CIA to prevent the publication of pieces of data “in the interests of national security.”

The fact that many of the documents which have cleared the “classified” was created decades after the Kennedy assassination in 1963. Some of them belong to the 90-th years of the last century. The papers can be described in intelligence operations that were conducted recently, as well as to reveal the identity of informants who could still be alive.

In the worldJuly 25 2017В USA published the testimony of an agent of the KGB of the murder of John Kennedythe read more

However, the sides Politico noted the unpredictability of the trump and does not exclude that the President at the last moment could make the decision to declassify all the data.

Press Secretary of the White house, Lindsay Walters, commenting on these reports, said that the administration is working to next Thursday, September 26, “the maximum amount of information was presented to the public”.

This summer, the national archives of the United States released almost 4 thousand documents relating to the Kennedy assassination. More than 440 of them come from the FBI and the CIA and never before published. Access to them was banned for 25 years by a law passed in 1992.

US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas. The results of the work specially created Commission the sole perpetrator of the murder was recognized as Lee Harvey Oswald. Officially, he was not convicted because two days after the assassination of President he was shot and killed during a transfer from police headquarters to the Dallas County jail.

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