RCDS called major versions of the death of Dmitry Marjanova

The website of the Central Board of the RF IC in the Moscow region has informed details of investigation of circumstances of death of the actor Dmitry Marjanov. Investigators called the main version of the incident.

photo: sledcom.ru

Suburban investigators continue the investigation of the criminal cases of “causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties”, upon the death of the actor Dmitry Marjanov.

According to the report, the staff of the investigative Department of the city of Dolgoprudny now considering several versions of what happened. However, the two versions are basic. This late arrival of ambulance to the actor and providing inadequate security services of the rehabilitation center “Phoenix”, where the Maryanov.

Currently assigned to a forensic examination, questioned the witnesses, seized documents related to the challenge of the actor Dmitry Marinova ambulance, including the recording of conversation of the 112 service and ambulance.

In addition, the investigators carried out a search and in the rehab clinic “Phoenix” during which the seized diaries of patients, including records on the presence of Dmitry Marinova in the center.

In this earlier “MK” reported one revealed circumstance. It turned out that the car in which the evening of October 15 dying Maranova was transported to the hospital, was stopped by traffic police Lobnya. Since the car smelled of alcohol, they began a trial with a driver that caused a hitch in 25-30 minutes.

At the same time there is evidence that the Maryanov wasn’t feeling well at the rehabilitation center this morning. And there was no specialist who could these symptoms to notice something was wrong. Possible timely medical aid could have saved his life.

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