“Rostransnadzor said on 6-10 airlines in the risk zone

The Federal service for supervision in the sphere of transport said that “following continuous monitoring” of these carriers

Photo: Reuters

– At risk are 6-10 Russian airlines, reported in Rostransnadzor after the collapse of “VIM – Avia”.

“The company that we have been watching in the mode of continuous monitoring, about 6-10. In their work, we look tense,” – said the head of the Rostransnadzor Viktor Basargin at a press conference on Friday.

But he said that “to call companies that are violators, I would not become.”

Speaking of airline “VIM-Avia”, which was suspended in September due to financial problems, the head of the Rostransnadzor noted that this year the Agency has implemented several checks to ensure transport security.

“VIM-Avia”, bringing up the rear of the top ten largest airlines of the Russian Federation, in late September, announced the termination of all Charter programs due to lack of working capital and debts to contractors. This was preceded by a series of delays from the Russian and foreign airports, affecting thousands of passengers.

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation was forced to create an operational headquarters for the management of flights “VIM-Avia”. The active phase of the transport of passengers the troubled airline was completed in mid-October, its fate depends on the decision of the creditors, said the Agency.

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